Monday, January 04, 2010

The New What's on the Menu Monday

Well, as many of you remember, I use to do What's on the Menu Monday where I posted recipes each Monday and asked you to comment one as well. Recently, finding recipes has not been the hard part of cooking, what has been hard has been getting variety in what we eat. I tend to make the same things in an endless rotation. So I have decided to post our weekly menu each Monday (inasmuch as I can remember to). I would love to hear yours as well!

I started writing out the menu of what we were going to eat a couple years ago and it has made a TREMENDOUS difference in our grocery bill. It helps from over buying or under buying and having to return to the store for one annoying ingredient. I don't label which night we will eat what I just list out 6 meals, 4 hot breakfasts and some lunch varieties. The rest of the meals are filled in with left overs and cereal/cold type foods.

You will find that we eat a little different than most. Vernon has a pretty strict diet because of his health issues. He sticks to "Eating Right for Your Blood Type" and his blood time is A. Mine on the other hand, is O and that diet is complete opposite of A's. So we have finally found a great balanced. We get most of our protein from nuts and fish for Vernon's sake and we have very limited gluten for my sake.

So here goes for this week:

Shrimp Alfredo Linguine- made with brown rice pasta and homemade Alfredo sauce. (so easy)

Almond Parmesan Crusted Talapia, Brown and Wild Rice and Broccoli (also so easy)

Breakfast for Dinner: Omelets, Homefry Potatoes and Bacon (bacon is for me hehe!)

Mahi Mahi and Brown Rice with Feta

Cheese and Black Bean Enchiladas

Salmon and Baked Potatoes

Hope this gives you some ideas! I really need some ideas and would love to hear from you! If you are interested in any of these meals, let me know and I will try to tell you how I made them. I RARELY use a recipe I just kinda make it up based on other things I have made. I very rarely spend over 30 mins making food so most, if not all of these are easy and quick.



Krystal said...

I linked you to my blog and added my week's menu! See you next Monday sister!

Maureen said...

Here's a few meals I've recently discovered and loved:
salmon steaks with hoisin sauce & rice
chicken with cranberry sauce & roasted potatoes
homemade mac & cheese w/broccoli
chicken tortilla soup
veggie stir fry with sweet brown sauce
coconut curry tilapia

obviously the things with chicken could either be substituted with fish or made vegetarian. do you have a gluten-free pasta you use? I make so much pasta I don't know how I could live without it!

Here's my favorite new cookbook out of which I've gotten some of these recipes, it has quite a bit of fish:

Also check this out:
Someone gave us a gift cert. for this at our wedding, it's pretty cool. You can go through and choose the recipes you want and then purchase a beautiful, color printed and bound cookbook that you've customized. My friend who recommended this has a really strict diet and it's great for her, b/c she gets only recipes she can actually use.

okay longest blog comment ever. ;)

Anonymous said...

Amber is an excellent cook!! I have alot to learn from her & Phyllis (daughter).

Amanda said...

I totally need to get that book!

Traci said...

Brown rice with that just what it sounds like and nothing else? Interesting.