Monday, January 11, 2010

What's On The Menu Monday

Well last weeks WOTMM was so fun! I hope you get some good ideas for your meals! I pretty much had someone ask about each recipe so I will post some of those soon. Here is what we are eating this week. It is a little different than normal because our sweet friend, The Reardon's, are visiting and they are Gluten Free AND Dairy Free. So she brought some fun recipes for us to try!

Okay here goes:

Enchilada Casserole- (dairy free so we are using Soy will be a fun new thing for us) with Guac and Chips for side - from Saving Dinners- GREAT cook book! (we are going to use black beans instead of meat for Vern's sake)

Fish Tacos- this is a by-weekly one for us, we LOVE it!

Tuna Fusilli- a tuna pasta dish from Saving Dinners with Broccoli

Gluten Free Vegetarian (spinach) Lasagna- I've never made this so I am going to kinda make it up...we'll see :)

Baked Wild Caught Salmon and Baked Potatoes

Ahi Tuna Steak and Asparagus

I am excited that Erin brought her fun new recipes for us to try this week...What are yall cooking?


Adam, Connie, Josiah, and Bella said...

Okay Amber,
I'm super impressed by your menus. I don't cook fish...well ever because it's expensive and I don't know how to make it not taste "fishy." Any tips?
Also, I'm curious about what your blood type has to do with the foods you should eat...this interests me!

Amber said...


Fish is kinda intimadating at first, but it is great. Walmart is actually a great source of it. We dont buy farm raised, only wild caught and you can get vacuum sealed frozen Salmon, Tuna and Talapia all there! (like yesterday I got a 4 filet pack of wild caught alaskan Salmon for $4 that is two meals for us) You just take the indiviual packs put them in luke warm water to thaw for about 5 mins. Then put them in a glass dish cover with whatever your fav seasoning is and bake for 20 mins at easy! (and you hardly have to touch it at all just taking it out of the vacuum sack and placing it in the dish!) for Salmon and Talapia I generally use a squirt of lemon juice on each one, lightly sprinkle ground cumin, garlic salt and "Hamburger" seasoning from McCormick.

Bake it and while it bakes I melt 2 TBS of butter per slice and add lemon peel and garlic salt to that. Then when it comes out of the oven I poor the butter mix over it.


Hope that helps. Its not fancy, its really easy! And NOT FISHY! we dont like Fishy Fish!

Tips, i would say make sure you buy wild caught and fish that has ALL the sikn off, even the bottom.

sanjeet said...

I can hear Danny's voice exactly and see his facial expression while saying, "oh really?".

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