Tuesday, April 28, 2009

If Starbucks Marketed Like The Church

I am sure a lot of you have already seen this...but if you haven't its worth the watch:

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Justus 11 Months

Justus turned 11 months this week and I am holding onto this month with all I have because I just cant stand the fact that he is weeks away from being ONE! He is becoming a toddler faster than I imagined. Justus is such a sweet boy. He smiles and laughs most of the time. He has been crawling and pulling up for 4 or 5 months now and is just now showing interest in walking. He started standing this week with out holding on to anything. When he realizes what he is doing he quickly plops himself down and crawls...it is very funny! He is approaching one but still loves to be swaddled and held to get his bottle and to go to sleep...and of coarse I gladly oblige. Every time we pick him up to sooth him he pats us on the back just like we pat him! He loves to clap, be tickled and his favorite game is rolling/throwing any and every ball he sees. He has a few signs (sign language)...all done and more. The others he just laughs when I try to teach him!
The last two weeks he has been a little crabbier than normal...it just dawned on me to check....he is getting his year molars! He has 8 teeth and is about to have 4 molars!
I love this little guy. Enjoy the pictures! I uploaded more pictures HERE on my share site.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kelly and Frank's Engagment Pictures

Kelly and Frank are friends of ours from Seminary. Kelly went to MU with Vernon's sister, Phyllis, and is BFF's with Chet's sister, and our friend Megan. Allison and I had a lot of fun photographing this sweet couple. Here are some of the shots CLICK HERE to view more!

Thank You Gospel Coalition

My husband, along with many of yours, is attending the Gospel Coalition Conference in Chicago. I had to fight not being jealous until this last week when they announced ALL the session would be on LIVE FEED! Also within the day all sessions will be available for download....amen! Just listen to the line up. Today starting at 2pm Tim Keller, then at 4pm John Piper, then back to back starting at 7 Phil Ryken and Mark Driscoll. Throughout the rest of the Conference they will hear from K. Edward Copland, Bryan Chapell, Ajith Fernando, D.A. Carson and Ligon Duncan! Now if you are thinking that is amazing....you should hear the line up for the break out sessions...CJ Mahaney, Josh Harris and Thabiti Anyabwile to name a few!

I CANNOT wait to tune in!

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Story Worth Reading

Read THIS moving story of a family who adopted a son that they knew would not live to be a year old. At the end of the story they share a very challenging blog post that this couple posted when their new son was about three months...here is a section of it:

Matt doesn't respond positively to all the love and care we shower on him, and despite the fact that I knew in my head he wouldn't, I still want him to smile back at me. Instead of smiling, he either stares at me blankly or screams in response to my best efforts to communicate with him. The discouragment I feel at his failure to thrive only evidences the selfishness of my endeavors. Before Matt, I was tempted to believe I loved my children with at least an inkling of selflessness. I now know that I expect at least some return for my investment. At the very least, I would like a two-month smile and a 3-month squeal of delight in response for the long nights and endless feedings. I am humbled further to think of the earthly reward I am tempted to expect from my older children. Each day with Matt, it looks more and more like all of our reward is being deposited in heaven (or not, because God loves a cheerful giver, and sometimes, I am just not). Frankly, I am not all that happy about the choice of accounts. While I may have previously thought I wanted to deposit all of my treasure in heaven, I now know I am more or a 50/50 or even 75/25 kind of girl; I would like some treasure in heaven and most of it here.

Dont miss this story it is worth the read.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had a great Resurrection Week and I hope you did as well! Here are some pics of our fun weekend. The first are from the Easter egg hunt at Church. After that we went to a field of blue bonnets to take Ella's Easter Pictures. Justus was running a fever and getting 4 teeth so there is only one pic of him...but I will dress him up soon and take some pictures of him in his cute blazer.

Titus with his loot.

The one picture I got of Justus.
Here is Titus in the Blue Bonnets.
Here is one of the pics I captured of Ella and Titus playing at her photo shoot. I will load more once her mom posts some.
And these are because I've been very nostalgic lately: Toddler Titus 2007

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Holy Week at The Burger's

You might get tired of me linking this book each and every holiday season, but it has made such an impact on my life as a parent and the traditions we hold as a family. Treasuring God in our Traditions by Noel Piper is an excellent recourse for any family who has a desire to pass down a legacy of God centered traditions to there family and might not have many that were pass down to them. Noel Piper tells about the purpose of traditions being passed down and then gives great ideas for each major holiday. What I took away from this book most is that each family is unique and creative in its own way. I was encouraged, not to do exactly what The Piper family does, but learn from them and make new traditions for our family, unique to The Burger's. Some I have come up with have been spontaneous and some have been thoroughly thought through. It has been so fun over the years. I encourage you to join in and make some fun new traditions for your family.

Here is what we do for Holy Week:

On Palm Sunday: We go to our churches Palm Sunday Service. On the way home we talk about the service and why they were waving branches, etc. When we get home we hide a lamb (stuffed animal obviously) somewhere in the house and Titus has to find it. We talk about how on the same day Jesus was coming into the Jerusalem the children would have been searching for a lamb without blemish for there Passover Sacrifice. Once Titus finds the lamb we talk about what they would be doing with the lamb that week and about the story of the plagues from Exodus. (this is the first year we have done this and it has been a BIG hit! Titus is REALLY getting it and he wants to keep hiding the lamb, find it and tell the story over and over....whatever works!) We tell him that while the kids were out looking for there Passover Lamb, Jesus had come to be there final Lamb to be slain!

Also on Palm Sunday we light six candles and talk about what the upcoming week is. Usually I tell part of the story and ask Titus to fill in other parts. At some point in that day we blow out one of the candles. Each day following we light all the candles and talk about the story and how Easter is getting closer but each day one more candle gets blown out by the kids. So by Good Friday ALL the candles are blown out. Then on Saturday the kids want to light the candles and blow them out only this time we don't let them because Jesus died and is in the grave. Then on Sunday morning when the kids wake we have ALL the candles going when they come in the room! "Jesus has Risen!" we tell them. Sooo fun! (At some point as the boys get older, I would like to spread this out over the coarse of Lent but for now, one week is plenty!)

Saturday of Holy week we go to our church's children's Easter Party where there is a big Easter Egg Hunt and the Easter story told. We like to dress the boys up and take there pictures in the blue bonnets on the way to the Easter party....we will see what it is like photographing two this year!

We like to make Easter as big a celebration as Christmas, which is pretty hard because there are few decorations and family members don't seem to send big gifts etc. (although we got some great Easter packages yesterday from my mom and Robin's parents!) So Sunday morning along with the candles being lit we get them gifts to open Easter morning and then celebrate with family and friends all day.

This year we are adding THIS to our traditions...I am going to attempt it tonight along with dying eggs...you can pray for me!

What do you do for Holy Week?

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Titus' Garden

When Titus turned four he got a lot of gardening tools. He got shovels, watering cans, gloves and a rake. When he received those, Victor, our sweet friend from Sudan, told Titus that he would help him plant a garden. If you know Titus you know that he doesn't forget ANYTHING. If you tell him you are going to do something...he will remember. Anyway, two weekends ago Victor came over and taught Titus how to start a garden. He planted cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots and okra. Victor also brought pre-grown flowers so Titus would have something he wouldn't have to wait on. Every evening Titus waters his garden...and just the other day we saw the first little sprouts coming out of the ground...Titus was so excited!
We will take more pictures when there is more growing. Spring has Sprung!
A Bit Of Heaven

Vernon spent the last week in St. Louis with his mom who is in the hospital (things are going so much better, thanks for all the prayers). While he was there he went to my FAVORITE store Trader Joe's and got me this....Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Covered Joe Joe's with Vanilla Bean Cream and Dark Chocolate Almonds. AMAZING...these are my all time favorite snack. I am a happy girl.
If you live in Texas and dont know what Trader Joe's is...my heart goes out to you.
A big thanks to The Vern.