Thursday, April 02, 2009

A Bit Of Heaven

Vernon spent the last week in St. Louis with his mom who is in the hospital (things are going so much better, thanks for all the prayers). While he was there he went to my FAVORITE store Trader Joe's and got me this....Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Covered Joe Joe's with Vanilla Bean Cream and Dark Chocolate Almonds. AMAZING...these are my all time favorite snack. I am a happy girl.
If you live in Texas and dont know what Trader Joe's heart goes out to you.
A big thanks to The Vern.


Anna said...

I have heard many people talk about Trader Joes but have never been to one. It seems as if the next visit to Mo I need to make that happen! :)

awelsh said...

Mmmmmm....can I have some? I'll come over and bring the coffee. Wouldn't that be fun??? Move closer already!!!:)

Jarrett said...

AMEN and AMEN to the dark chocolate JOJO's! They will for sure be in heaven. P.S... this is Erin!! XOXO

Lauren said...

Hey there--I followed a link on Courtney S's blog and found you. Oh my gosh, I am a Texan and I live in Boston, so I have grown to absolutely LOVE Trader Joe's. Next time he is near one, your husband will have to pick up one of the Pound Plus bars, which are giant chocolate bars that weigh (you guessed it) over a pound. Our favorite is milk chocolate with almonds. We are shameful--it lasts barely a week at our house. We are probably moving back to TX this fall, and one of the things I will miss the most is Trader Joe's.