Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On Yesterday.

WE LOVED THE MOVIE. Invictus that is. Vernon and I both have been fascinated with the story of racial reconciliation in South African history for years. We have marveled at what took place in that land and what is still coming to pass. This movie was such a great example of preferring something/someone you don't necessarily like for the good of all involved. There were about a hundred one liners from the movie on forgiveness, perseverance and social justice. It was a great film. Epic if you ask me.

My friend Maux did an excellent review on it HERE.

And I love my hair! Vernon's step-sister Katie is my hair stylist here. If you are in STL area and need one...SHE IS FANTASTIC. For those who were worried, I didn't cut it all off...yet. Only 2 inches with some layers, high and low lights. (but not dramatic)

We head out tomorrow for my brother's wedding festivities. Hope you all have a great New Year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Long Over Due.

Well December 8th post may have been a bit misleading. I only THOUGHT we were getting into the swing of things and settling in. So here I am 21 days later posting yet ANOTHER 'catch up' entry. (and to be honest I had to look at my twitter feed to even remember all that went on!)

Titus started his new school the week of the 7th. It was a fairly smooth transition with a few bumps that first week: they already write in cursive (isnt that crazy) and all the kids have their own little friend groups. We were aware that both of these things were going to be bumps so we walked him through it encouraging him along....and then....he got strep throat. So he was out of school 4 out of the 5 days of his second week of school. This was good in that he was around the house and I could work with him on cursive and talk to him a lot about making new friends. But, being the new kid it set him back in getting to know the kids in his class.

The following week Titus' school only met on Monday and Tuesday with Tuesday being a Christmas Party half day. So out of Titus' first month at his new school he only got to go to 8 1/2 days! With all of this he is actually doing pretty well. He is FINALLY feeling better, he ended up getting strep a second time! (0r the meds didn't work one of the two).

Class for Titus got out Tuesday. My brother and his fiance' came that evening to stay with us on there way to Louisville to get ready for their wedding this coming weekend! They left Wednesday morning and we drove into the airport to pick up our friend Robin who would be visiting for the next 5 days. Vernon's sister, Phyllis, and her family also came in that evening. The five of them, Vernon's mom and Robin stayed with us the next 3 days! (remember we have a small 2 bedroom rent home for now!) It was soo fun!

Christmas was a great day. We made great memories and had loads of fun. I feel like I could post three post just on Christmas Eve and Christmas day but I will spare you!

The Daniel's family left Saturday night and Vernon's mom drove home as well. Vernon preached on Sunday (and the Sunday previous as well but I missed saying that!) and we spent the day marveling at the explosion that had happened in our house! haha! No it wasn't that bad and was fairly easy to recover from. Monday Allison Richomond and Amy Kuntz came over and we had the best time! We took Robin to the airport and said goodbye. Allison and Amy both leave for there respective homes in the next few days so Monday was full of goodbyes.

So here we are Tuesday. A low key day I suppose. We leave on Thursday morning for my brothers wedding weekend. I am getting my hair cut today and V and the boys are going to hangout with V's step mom Robyne. Tonight Vernon and I are going on a little date to see Invictus. This movie includes two of my husbands favorite things: Rugby and Africa's history. We are excited.

Though it has been a busy season, full of family and friends, celebrating our return to Missouri, we have found ourselves missing our dear friends in Texas quite a bit. We are excited about the transition here to Missouri, our home state, but Texas got our heart when we weren't looking! We miss all of you and would love to hear from you!

I hope to check in soon after the weekend with pics of the wedding and such. If you don't already follow me on twitter (or facebook), I keep that updated because I can do it from my phone.

Hope you have a GREAT new year!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

We Made It!

Most of you know this already...we made it to MO. We arrived Monday night late and our belongings arrived Thursday around 12:30; it was an adventure for us, "camping out" in our house. The boys did great! Titus started school yesterday and LOVED it. Thank you for all the prayers. It was very hard on me though. We have to drop them off, we are not allowed to walk them to class...and I am SO "that" lets just say my morning was rough.
We have almost EVERYTHING unpacked and pictures hung...even the Christmas decorations out! My mom drove down from north MO and helped me with the boys while I unpacked and arranged everything. Vernon's mom has been out a couple times helping as well. I went to a women's brunch on Saturday and was able to meet a lot of fun women from our new church. We had our first official day at our new church, The Summit. It was great! I visited a gym this morning that we are thinking about joining and of course we have all the nearby Starbucks plotted out. Sooo, life is shaping up!

I have had some rough days missing my sweet friends in Texas, but I have loved having FB, twitter and blogs to keep up. (and phones of course) Our biggest adjustment so far is figuring out how to get out the door in a timely fashion with coats, gloves, hats, shoes and socks on ALL four of us. This is not an easy task and I am open for helpful suggestions!! Also, our moving budget got pushed to the max because we had to buy all of the aforementioned items to stay warm! ha!

I will hopefully get back to blogging as our routine falls into place. Thanks for all the prayers and support during this transtion! Love to all!