Friday, July 31, 2009

My Dearest Chongs

If you have known me in the last 7 years of life, you have known my dearest Chongs very well. Seven years ago I got these beauties out of my cousins closet and we did a shoe trade. I traded him a pair of thrift store tennis shoes for my dear Chongs. He had worn said Chongs for two years already so they were nice and broke in. Perfect for me. I had a pair of Chacos already but the wonder of getting a chaco and a flip flop in one....nothing could compare. Seven long years I wore and loved my Chongs and when I say wore I mean WORE. I literally wore them with everything. EVERYTHING. Dresses, shorts, pants, t-shirts and dress shirts. I broke all the rules of fashion and did not care a lic. They even made it through both pregnancies and multiple trips to Africa. And besides a running shoes and some mandatory heels for a wedding or two I haven't even bought any other shoes. Some say this is not very feminine of me but I just need to say that if I had it my way I would be barefoot. I just cant fathom paying money for that many pairs of shoes...when one pair is just fine. (although I have contemplated many pairs along the way and the only ones that have ALMOST won are Toms and that is because some child will also get shoes)...I know I think too much.
Anyway, let it be known after a life of 9 years on July 13, 2009 my Chongs broke. Deep down I knew the day would come but I have been in denial. Now the great thing about Chaco's is that they have a life time warranty. Sooo...I am sending them in. The only issue I have with this is... What if they send me the Zongs?
Zongs are the predecessor of The Chongs. Chongs are no longer made by Chaco they were retired 5 years ago and just last year they finally came out with its match...the Zong. And I will say in my opinion do not hold a candle to the Chong...just sayin. Now, all that said I will be grateful for the Zong if they send them my way but am hoping that they just strap my Chongs. I will keep you posted. In the mean time, you can find me barefoot!
(jk, Vernon bought me some great Keenes and Simples last year at the REI super clearane sale)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Sneak Peek and a Short Explanation

Hey! The Crazies are about to end we are back in TX with only a few trips to go. This is my explanation for not blogging in forever. Then...TITUS STARTS KINDERGARTEN. so crazy. We are home this week so I asked Sarah Barnes to take Titus' 5 year old pics. She sent me a sneek peak last are some....

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Urgent Prayer PRAISE!!

Y'all....THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PRAYING. We just got an email from Bishop saying that 8 have recovered! They will be monitored a bit but have stopped having "running stomach" as they say...they will be hydrating them and they will be back to there normal routine. The other 3 are still sick but they are hopeful that they will also recover.

AMEN... God did a mighty work at Lura!

Please continue to pray:

The 8 continue to hold down food and hydration.
The 3 stop having "running stomach" and begin holding down food and water.
Pray as they all morn the loss of one of their friends.
Pray for the mother of this sweet child as she morns the loss of her baby.


Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Today we received and email from Bishop Taban (the Sudanese pastor over all of the ministry we do in Sudan). Some of the children at the Lura orphanage are VERY sick. One child (although not an orphan but a child of one of the employed cooks) has died from the virus. Currently, 11 children are sick. They think they have the virus contained, but please pray.

Pray for our children as they are sick and needing to be brought back to health.
Pray for the nurses and health staff as they care for them.
Pray for the sweet mom who lost her child.
Pray for all the children and family as they morn the loss of this child.

Here is the email we received this morning, we will hopefully get more info asap,

Dear brethren;

The children at Lura Orphanage has been attacked by running stomach 11are on sick bed right now and one child dead today. We closed our Yei town clinic because all the staff are to attend to the situation in Lura. Though the child who dead is not an official registered child but the mother was employed two months back as a cook and she could not leave the child behind; one problem that mighty have caused the death is that the mother gave the child local medicine before reporting to the nurse. According to our health staff the situation has been brought under control.Thank you for your prayers.

Bishop Elias Taban