Sunday, August 31, 2008

Justus 3 Months

yep. that's right folks...he is already three months. I have been trying to get some pics and video of him laughing and smiling but every time I pull the camera out he goes straight faced and just stares at today I set my laptop up on the couch and used iMovie and this is what I got...ENJOY!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Can You Handle This?

Okay so I dont have much time but I just HAVE to share some of these pics from the week. My friends have the CUTEST babies...and I got to photograph them all week! SO FUN!

Micah Carson

Ansley Becker

Mikail Kuntz

Eden Reardon

Monday, August 25, 2008

Long Time No Blog

hello all. 
ive not blogged in a while.
sorry about that.
we've been in the homeland.
missouri that is.
so put on your blogging seatbelts
because i have ALOT to blog about.
but for now
i MUST sleep.

Monday, August 04, 2008

An Old Friend

Hey everyone. In honor of the new Hillsong CD coming out today, Aug. 5th which happens to be my 28th birthday. I thought you would be encouraged and challenged by this video. This is a testimony of a sweet friend from SBU. She is an anointed worship leader and you will be blessed by her raw honesty.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Check Engine

The last week of my life has been rather say the least.  I had amazing plans to pack up the boys on Tuesday and head to Houston.  In Houston we were going to stay with our dear friend Amy, who is always such a delight and refreshing to the soul.  Titus was going to get to play with his BFF Jackson. Jackson's mom, Star is a dear friend so I was going to have so much fun chatting and catching up.  I also dreamed of a play date with Michelle and Amanda, visiting HFBC, a visit with The Parker's and the Altic's, Uptown Park Starbucks, Fuzzy's and going to Metro Live and surprising my sweet friends, The Dodd's, who would be leading worship that evening. But God had other plans.  

Monday night around 11pm I got a text saying that a good friend of ours from Midland had had a stroke.  Through the course of the night I got other texts about how he was progressing. I thought since I was totally packed and ready to leave the next day, maybe I should go to Midland instead.  The next morning, things were looking up for our friend, Kyle.  He had survived the night and they were hopeful.  I was told so many people were there supporting his wife, Karen.  So I decided that I would just go on to Houston and have fun.  As the day went on, my heart was heavy, I finally got a chance to get away and pray and read and I felt as if God was telling me to wait and not go anywhere.  So that's what I did.  I waited and waited.  I got the news that Kyle was doing worse, but still I felt God was telling me to wait.  The next morning I got the news that Kyle had passed away, but still God was telling me to wait.  So I went on with my normal Wednesday. As Wednesday went on, would you believe that BOTH of our cars Check Engine lights came on!  That was just the confirmation I needed to stay put.

That evening, I packed up the boys and headed to church.  The entire time I was there I sensed God encouraging me and using me, as if to continue confirming my waiting.  On the way home from church I got a call from Midland. It was my dear friend who was just widowed.  She was wondering if I would sing in the funeral.  With out hesitation, I said, "Absolutely, the boys and I will head out first thing in the morning."  As soon as I was asked I sensed God releasing me us to GO.  So Thrus. morning I put the boys and all of our stuff in the car and headed out ....with the Check Engine light on.  Amazingly, we made it just fine. Amen.  

I got there in time to drop off the boys and go to the visitation.  I rode with my sweet friend Jenny and was abundantly blessed by her honesty and depth.  I love talking with her.  At the visitation I witnessed my dear friend Karen display for all of us what it is to grieve with hope.  She was the most beautiful widow I have ever seen.  She was so raw and honest, full of hope and strength, yet she was so sad and weak.  She was the same Karen everyone has always known, her faith is so deep, even the worst circumstance did not change her.  She was who she is.  
They had been married 41 years....we celebrate our 5th tomorrow...I can not imagine the loss.

So this morning we gathered for the funeral. I hope I can say this with out it sounding funny but it was perfect...perfect in every way,  an amazing representation of the life Kyle lived.  I sang at the end of the funeral a song of hope and prayed over the family.  I was so honored to be a part of the service.  

After the service I packed the boys back up and headed back to Fort Worth.  A normal 4 hour trip took us 6 hours.  (We hit a bad storm so I pulled off.  Then we had to stop to feed Justus.)  Needless to say I am totally exhausted, physically, emotionally and mentally.  As I pulled out of Midland, I was thinking through all that had happened and I began to pray.  Just then I looked down and my Check Engine light was OFF....

Yes and Amen.