Friday, July 23, 2010

Is Anyone Else Loving This Song?

As one who loves to look for songs that are Great to lead, here is why, if I was currently in a worship leading role, (which i am not since we've moved to MO) I would choose this song to lead::

Truth- it is packed with Truth, Truth in the midst of all phases of life.
Singability- it is easy to sing with, predictable but not unoriginal and it sticks with you!
Congregational and Personal- this song is unique in that it is powerful both with a large group and when you are home alone with the Lord. I love giving songs like that to people!
Key- it is a great key for both men and women
The Bridge- My heart will sing no other name JESUS JESUS :: love ending with this!

Love this song. Love the Truth. Love the Proclamation. Love singing it at the top of my lungs!

Buy it HERE

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Exciting Times = Lack of Blogging!

Y'all, here I am again apologizing for my severe lack of blogging. I thought I would stop a second and fill you in!

If you don't follow our ministry blog/website, than this will be new news to you but if you do...well then bare with me! It is exciting times in the life of His Voice for Sudan as we are stepping into new territory! After much prayer by our employees (Vernon, Justin and I) and our fabulous Board Members, we feel like it is time to go GLOBAL. His Voice for Sudan will now be His Voice Global!! We have praying towards this for years and have watched as the Lord has moved for such a time as this!! We did a short video blog series on what the transition looks like and where we are heading as a ministry. Please stop by our viemo page and watch them! (they are only about 1 min a piece)

That being said, my job for His Voice Global has really stepped up in hours. As the transition neared I had lots of small projects to accomplish. My favorite projects was the new Logo. I got to sketching one day and I made this little HV sign I really liked...emailed it to my brilliant designer friend Michelle and this is what it became!!! Michelle is amazing. Didn't she do awesome! She has designed all our new material for us and WE LOVE IT!

Now, the lack of blogging is also a result of our final decision to homeschool Titus for 1st grade with hopes to make to Sudan as a family this school year. (he missed 18 days of school last semester of his Kindergarten year just from traveling with us as we ministered and that was w/ me and the boys staying back as Vernon went most of the time) SOO we went for it! Nothing like giving it a try! So we have gone a head and started his language arts curriculum, some history and math w/ hopes to have a good deal under our belt before our major travel season nears. HE is loving it, surprisingly. He constantly thanks me for choosing homeschooling! (which is funny since he is such a social kid)

At any rate, that is how I have been spending my normal blogging time. I am trying to find the balance of working from home for HVG, being a stay at home mom and a homeschool mom and would love it if you would join me in prayer as I start this new venture!