Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Shall Not Perish But Show Them His Muscles!

Every night before bed Titus and I review his memory verses. Tonight i decided to see if he would let me record him with our new laptop. He did and this is what came of it...

Over the weekend Titus turned 3 years old! i can not believe it. There is so much to blog about but i will have to do that....maybe tomorrow...if youre lucky! hehe!
oh and a video blog would not be complete without ones abc's...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A List As Well

I haven’t blogged since right after camp but never you fear, plenty has been worth blogging. It is just hard to decide what is of great value after many days have passed. I was reading my friend Moe's blog and she inspired me too, instead of feeling overloaded by the numerous amount of things to blog, make a list of them. So below is my list....in no particular order. But first an ebsert from moe's blog explaining the list.

In the past week or so, nearly every day something has come to my attention that has incurred the thought, "I should blog about that." But said blogging never occurred. So instead I'm going to get back on the train by making a list. Of stuff. No topic or purpose--just a list of whatever I want to have on my list.

1. Dr. Reeves (my greek professor) book A Genuine Faith Faith just went out of print....Seriously this publishing company is making a very bad mistake. If you dont have it yet...BUY IT. READ IT. Hurry before no more are available. It will stretch your mind and make you think like never before. Oh and a bonus, in about 20 years when he is a famous theologian you can brag you have an original print.

2. Like my friend Amanda, pregnancy paranoia has hit. I bought a box of prego test today, took it. It was negative.

3. Three of our closest friend couples are Pregnant. We love you and are SOOO happy for you! (this might contribute a bit to my prego paranoia...just a little)

4. Titus turns 3 on Sunday.

5. I am about to have a non-potty-trained 3 year old and I am fully okay with that. We haven’t even given it a strong go. We've been traveling so much that it seems worthless to me to start when I am setting him up for failure by stringing him around the country and to be honest, all you moms of toddler boys, it really like potty training the mom not the son. You have to be fully willing to give time and effort and both I am lacking....maybe July will lend itself to less travel....we will see.

6. We leave tomorrow for Midland! Some of our great friends from there are getting married! I am one of the photographers and am WAY excited! I get to see all the students from camp again! Vernon will be speaking at Youth on Sunday!

7. Vernon has been teaching at our Church the last two Wednesday on Islam....It has been amazing and if you missed it....I am sorry.

8. About a month ago, while in Chicago, I got the new HilsongUnited "All of the Above" It hasnt come out of our CD player or off of my IPod since that day. It is GREAT. The girl on the album is seriously my new favorite voice. I often dream i am her and it is so real that i have to knock myself back into reality. GET IT. Seriouly. Or atleast go buy Lead Me to the Cross and Hosanna and both Selah's on Itunes.

9. The line from the above mentioned song "Hosanna" that has been my prayer for this month is
"break my heart and make it clean, open up my eyes to the things unseen, show me how to love like you have loved me."
The Lord has definitly been opening my eyes to sin in my life and its been a rough go, but the end has been so sweet.

10. thats all i just hated to end on 9, i dont know, it just didnt seem right.


Monday, June 11, 2007

It's Offially Summer

In my book it only takes one thing to make it offically the first day of summer and that very thing happened today....I wore my swimming suit the ENTIRE day. Yep, i put it on when i woke up and took it off to put my pjs back on....oh how i love summer. Titus and I played in the water today and then we went to the water park this afternoon. After the water park i grilled out for supper to celebrate this momentous occation. If you havent guessed...i love water and i love to swim and play.
Vernon's summer class is quite intencive so we wont be doing much daddy time during the day so my plan is to escape to our back yard to play in the hose or to go to our YMCA's water park as many times a week as possible!
For all of you who have been praying, Camp was AMAZING. It was above and beyond anything i could have expected. It was the best camp i have gone to in years. It was the most intentianal and most organized i can think of (and i ve been to ALOT!). The girls were eager to learn and recieved the WORD with Grace. AMEN. If you would, join me in prayer for the girls as they continue in what they learned now that they are home.
Our camp photographer was amazing. If you ever need an event like this photographed contact him.
Here are a couple more of my faves
Sorry not alot of details, its late and i am thinking of a bajillion things....

This is our night services....Salvation is HERE!

This is Erin...I love her more than words.

This is Hunter....he rocks. enough said.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Live from Camp

Well i have a second to get online and update yall. We have a blog live streaming the audio, video and photos if you want to check it out click here.

The sessions are going great. What i love so far about this camp is its raw honesty. No frills, No waiting until the last day for decision making, its all real, all the time. I LOVE IT.

The day time and night activities have been GREAT FUN! Here are some photos from my talks and the costume contest...in which I WON! (i convinced the senior pastor to be my "dancing with the stars" partner!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA!)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

And the Assignment is....

In my last blog i told you to study up on John 15 because i was going to give you all an assignment....so here it is...

I am going to be speaking at a High School Camp (starting Tues morning) to the girls. We will have three sessions of one hour to cover John 15 and the idea of Abiding. For the last session I am wanting to read to them what you respond to me....so PLEASE RESPOND! (and soon if you can!)

1) I am wanting all the girls to leave knowing that it IS worth it to ABIDE and REMAIN in Christ. So in one paragraph or so, what would you say to encourage these girls that it is worth it to stick the course?

2) What are some very practical ways that you ABIDE in Christ daily?

Okay friends please do write. and all of you secret readers....WRITE TOO!