Friday, December 19, 2008

Last Minutes Suggestions

Today is the last day to order online and get the gift buy Christmas. So I made a little list of some suggestions for you and linked them so it was easy and quick. These are some of my top items of purchase this year...Happy Giving!


Tyler Dodds- This Is Not Our Home

This album is fabulous. It is deep, mysterious and full of life. Musically it is unique and genius. It is a MUST BUY for all music lovers.

Roger Cullins- Songs of A Savior
This album is a full of original worship songs. It is honest and Biblical. It is great for both corporate worship and individual worship.


Tim Keller- Prodigal God

This book gives a telling description of the Two sons in Jesus' Parable of, what Dr. Keller calls, "The Two Lost Sons" instead of the "Prodigal Son." This is a short book but it is rich in Biblical truths. Dr. Keller puts forth rebukes and encouragements to both sons and shows us how we can easily be either of them. This book can be read by both a Freshmen in high school and a PhD and both would benefit to the utmost. My husband, Vernon, said this is one of the top three books he has ever read and it should be read by people of all worldviews.

Curtis Jones- Deepening A Fathers Heart
This is 25 day Devotional Journal for men written by a dear friend of ours. I have not read this book, as it is for men, but highly recommend it based on Curtis' amazing ability to teach the Word and articulate his thoughts. Ladies, this is a great buy for your husbands of fathers.

Monday, December 15, 2008

i WILL Win.

Seriously. My Christmas Cards are having victory over me this year...but i WILL win. I ordered them and received them BEFORE Thanksgiving and they are still not out. We stuffed them a couple days after Thanksgiving, added the insert and updated my address book, printed the lables and got stamps the next week. But the return addressing and stamping and actually getting them to the Post Office is tricky with two little boys who DONT want me to do them! Just about the time I get Justus to sleep or occupied enough to get them out and sorted and started, he wakes up or needs the cycle continues...but I will not sleep tonight until they are all done. 140 down...60 to go.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Titus' Outfit.

Okay so my Uncle Bruce would read this post title and quickly correct me and say..."boys do NOT have outfits." To which I would laugh and say, "Titus does."
My mom was not able to come to Texas to see Titus in his choir performance or for his upcoming school Christmas program, so she bought him a brown corduroy blazer and had me wrap it up so he could open it before his performance and wear it. The card was so sweet saying she was sad she couldn't come but couldn't wait to see the pictures of him in the blazer. I knew about said blazer and quickly began planning what jeans and shirt he would be able to wear so we would not have to spend any extra money. My mom's present idea went over so well. Titus was SOO excited about his new blazer and wore it with pride. He was SOO cute, if I do say so.

Anyway, we arrived at church and Titus' choir performed in both services. They did great (video to is taking forever to upload). Only one thing....Titus did not do a single hand motion. He sang all the words but NO movement. After church our friend, Victor, from Sudan, asked Titus, "Titus, Why didnt you do the dance motions?" and Titus very seriously responded, "Victor, it is not about the dance motions, its about singing to Jesus." well...there you go.
I think this is so funny because he ALWAYS dances and sings around the house...he is so funny!

Sunday night the choir had one more performance. When we got there we found out that they had to wear ROBES....I was so worried that Titus' would refuse on the account of his new blazer and all, but he complied....and this picture WILL be in his senior slide show...I'm just sayin'.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Christening of the Kitchen Aid

For all of my married life and even before, I have wanted a Kitchen Aid. I know call me dorky, but if I had my wedding registry to do all over again, quite possibly a Kitchen Aid and some great pots and pans would be the only things to make the cut. Much of my married life I would be visiting families, lovely families, that had beautiful Kitchen Aids and the best sets of pots and pans that you could imagine...only to find out...that they don't cook, let alone bake. Never could I imagine such an atrocity. But I chose to be excited for them in hopes that one day they would know what they owned and use it to the fullest. Otherwise I would have been choosing to sin by covetousness.

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, Vernon woke me up saying Titus had a surprise for me...I was totally confused. I walked out to the living room and out through the front door and there was Titus sitting on a Kitchen Aid box and he said, "Happy Early Christmas!" I was stunned, I kept saying, "WHAT?! How can this be?" Because i KNOW the price of Kitchen Aids and this is the very reason I do not own one! Vernon told me he got it on the Black Friday sale for $128 people! Can you believe that?! Normally $128 for a kitchen item would be alot for the Burger's but not when said kitchen item normally cost $300! WOW! What a deal!
Sooo here she is. I have not named her yet, so feel free to submit your ideas.....And tonight I christened her with Vernon's favorite not-so-secret recipe Chocolate Chip Cookies! SO FUN!!!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

It Doesn't Get Much Better Than This

Lately I've been listening to my fav music from College and although MANY great worship albums have come out since then, I am not sure if you can get better than this...I'm just sayin'.
Anyone with me?I would love to hear a memory you have of one of these albums....

Monday, December 01, 2008

Merry Christmas from Titus

Today after Titus got home from school, he got our drums out and he was singing and I asked him if I could record him. Here is a clip I got. Enjoy.