Sunday, September 21, 2008

Four Months Tomorrow

I was afraid this week would get past me before I could get some pics of our little man, Justus. So these are his "four month pics" but they are actually three months and 29 days. hehe. We had fun shooting these. Titus LOVES to write so he wrote his little brothers name on the sidewalk. Some of these shots were inspired by Nicole at the GirlTalk Blog.
We haven't taken Justus to his check up yet, but if I was to guess, he weighs over 17 lbs! He is super tall as well. He is already wearing 6-12month clothes and growing more and more everyday. He is the happiest baby; he smiles ALL the time. I love that little smile. He loves his brother and his brother loves him. He is trying really hard to roll over both directions but has not mastered it yet...any day I am suspecting. He has two teeth well on their way...also any day if I had to guess. We love our little man. He is such a joy.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Two Dollars and Eighty-Eight Cents

What could $2.88 a day possibly do to impact the world besides giving us our daily caffeine fix at Starbucks (no guilt trip intended)? It can help to do the following:
  • Feed, clothe, educate, disciple and pay for medical needs of one orphan for one day. It helps pays the daily salaries of 42 employees (28 of which are widows) who are caring for these orphans. It also helps to pay for one meal a day for 210 school children as well as subsidizing their school fees.
It has come to that time of year where His Voice For Sudan sets out to raise the next years operating cost. This year we figured up how much per day per child it takes to run both orphanages. We were both shocked and encouraged when we divided it out and came up with such a small number. $2.88 really does make a lot of difference! It helps His Voice for Sudan continue the task of empowering orphans, widows and church leaders in Southern Sudan to make disciples of all nations.

We are about to start traveling through the Midwest to raise funds and awareness. We will be speaking at churches and to small groups in homes. If you would be interested in having us come to your church, or hosting a small group night at your home, we would be thrilled to come. You can contact us at or comment on this blog.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Back to Normal?

The last week has come and gone with out a blog post...I hope I am not making a habit out of neglecting you, blog.
Life is semi-back-to-normal, if life in the Burger home can ever be considered normal. Vernon has returned from Sudan, Titus' is going to Pre-K three times a week, Justus is taking two good naps and we have our house mate, Robin, back. For us, that's as normal as it gets!
Last week I left you with details of our women's conference. Lets just say... IT WAS FABULOUS! Jennifer Durham spoke about rejoicing in the storms of life. She gave practical steps to overcoming fear and anxiety. She spoke the Word powerfully and effectively. It was practical and honest. Amy Nobels lead worship....I love her. She has such a heart for the nations. On Saturday she lead us in a time of singing and praying for countries all over the world. We got on our faces (literally) and prayed for the Muslims who are celebrating Ramadan. It was powerful as well. One of the highlights for me was the 'Panel Discussion'. I was the MC of the weekend, so I had all the ladies write a question on an index card and turn it in. The last session we had a panel of ladies from all ages, including Jennifer and Amy, attempt to answer the questions. They were wonderful questions and the women were full of grace and Truth...loved it!

Vernon's trip to Sudan was just what he hoped. To read some INCREDIBLE post visit The Bleecker Blog. So you dont get confused, four of the guys are still in Sudan, but Vernon split off from them.

On a different note, Titus is getting so old. He is so much fun as a four year old. He is in Pre-K which I can hardly believe. On Thursday we went to pick up Vernon. He always, like EVERYDAY, finds things outside like sticks, feathers, rocks ect. and brings them to us and tells us he got us a treasure. So like all other days, Thursday he found a small branch and asked if he could give it to Dad in the airport. So I agreed. Titus and I love to sing songs or say sentences with the wrong word in it and laugh hysterically. Our rule is that it has to rhyme. So on the way to the airport, Titus took his recorder (that he calls his flute) and put it on one of the twigs on the branch. He held it up in the back seat and said "look mom my tree is growing fresh flutes!" I laughed hard!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Third Times a Charm

Vernon headed out on Wednesday for his third trip to Sudan in three fun. He is with a team of pastors from The Village Church.  I will keep you posted as they travel.  Currently they have made it to Uganda.  The visited a Mosque today in Entebbe.  I cant wait to hear how that went!  
A while back, I joined a committee to plan our Women's Conference at our church, FBC Irving.  I had no idea it would land on a weekend while Vernon was away.   It has been crazy.  The boys and I have been between the mission house in Irving and our house, some nights there, some nights here. I have some sweet friends from Midland coming in today to stay in the mission house with the boys during the actual conference. It should be fun!  Jennifer Durham is speaking and Amy Nobles is doing the music.  I CANNOT wait!  
I really can't believe I am posting....I guess you can call it procrastinating.  I have a HUGE list of things to be done before we head back to Irving for the weekend. 
Have a Fabulous weekend and a Happy Sabbath.