Friday, September 05, 2008

Third Times a Charm

Vernon headed out on Wednesday for his third trip to Sudan in three fun. He is with a team of pastors from The Village Church.  I will keep you posted as they travel.  Currently they have made it to Uganda.  The visited a Mosque today in Entebbe.  I cant wait to hear how that went!  
A while back, I joined a committee to plan our Women's Conference at our church, FBC Irving.  I had no idea it would land on a weekend while Vernon was away.   It has been crazy.  The boys and I have been between the mission house in Irving and our house, some nights there, some nights here. I have some sweet friends from Midland coming in today to stay in the mission house with the boys during the actual conference. It should be fun!  Jennifer Durham is speaking and Amy Nobles is doing the music.  I CANNOT wait!  
I really can't believe I am posting....I guess you can call it procrastinating.  I have a HUGE list of things to be done before we head back to Irving for the weekend. 
Have a Fabulous weekend and a Happy Sabbath.


Molly Kate said...

WOW! look at the wonder God is working!

Merm & Lauren got a new blog... said...

You don't know me, but I know who you are. Creepy, huh? I met Robin Oas when I was in Sudan a month or so ago. I heard sooo much about you two. I stumbled across your blog from its link to hers. Now, one of my roomies is over is Sudan and just emailed about meeting your husband and that team of pastors. I just had to comment on how insanely small this great big world is.
Mary Ellen

The Sanders House said...

wow..i bet that is going to be an incredible conference. i would love to hear amy nobles!!!

tylerdodds said...
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The Dodds said...

How was your weekend!? Hope all is well. We LOVE you guys so much!!