Friday, September 19, 2008

Two Dollars and Eighty-Eight Cents

What could $2.88 a day possibly do to impact the world besides giving us our daily caffeine fix at Starbucks (no guilt trip intended)? It can help to do the following:
  • Feed, clothe, educate, disciple and pay for medical needs of one orphan for one day. It helps pays the daily salaries of 42 employees (28 of which are widows) who are caring for these orphans. It also helps to pay for one meal a day for 210 school children as well as subsidizing their school fees.
It has come to that time of year where His Voice For Sudan sets out to raise the next years operating cost. This year we figured up how much per day per child it takes to run both orphanages. We were both shocked and encouraged when we divided it out and came up with such a small number. $2.88 really does make a lot of difference! It helps His Voice for Sudan continue the task of empowering orphans, widows and church leaders in Southern Sudan to make disciples of all nations.

We are about to start traveling through the Midwest to raise funds and awareness. We will be speaking at churches and to small groups in homes. If you would be interested in having us come to your church, or hosting a small group night at your home, we would be thrilled to come. You can contact us at or comment on this blog.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I'd be elated for you to come to my house!!!!! :)
Love you, Mom/Birdie/Grandmadphj