Saturday, February 28, 2009

Titus Fun

This is our little Titus, or should I say, not so little Titus. Titus is full of fun from the moment he wakes up until he goes to bed, and by fun I mean...full of crazy energy. He is a crazy man and we love him! He is getting grown up, that's for sure. These are some pics from the last couple of weeks. He got a bucket full of bubble blowers, you know all the fun crazy kinds, for Valentines Day. He has LOVED them already. Two weeks ago he read his first book! He is getting so good at sounding out his is sooo fun! The book he read was "Hop On The Mop."
The age of four has been a full one for Titus. Full of fun, craziness, laughter, discipline, correction and emotion. This child has some emotions that for sure. I made a hypothesis a couple of months ago. It is as follows: The reason boys don't have the J-high drama that girls do is because they go through there emotional roller coaster when they are 3 and 4. We will see if this is true....let it be Lord! hehe!
Another thing Titus is getting into is jokes. His particular favorite is "What did the apple say to the pear?" "You silly, apples don't talk!" hahaha...he is a mess.
We have prayed that Titus would be a Strong Evangelist, for that is what his name eludes to. Titus has grown to be VERY convincing. Just the other day he convinced his teacher (remember he is four) that he should be able to take his spelling test on Monday instead of Friday...and she let him! He is slick...I have to stay one step a head that's for sure. We praying hard this quality gets redeemed in him and is used for the proclaiming of the Gospel!
Oh, and he LOVES his little brother. He loves to kiss him and make him laugh and take his things.....
Got to love that Titus!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nine Month Check Up Report

(this picture is actually from last week so technically he was only 8 months)

Well, we went to Justus' nine month check up and shockingly he has not grown since his 8 month shot only visit. He still weighs in at 22.5 lbs and is almost 31 inches long. It is totally normal to slow down dramatically in weight and height gain after 8 months but I thought forsure he grew. He is still 95 percentile in height and 75 percentile in no complaints. Titus has never seen the likes of anything above the 30 percentile for weight so mom is a happy camper with little Justus' weight for sure! Luckily he only had to get one vaccine (since we are doing the alternative vaccination schedule). He is now old enough to receive the Yellow Fever Shot that you have to have to cross the Ugandan boarder. So....we can take him to Sudan leagally now! Yippee!
He is pulling up on everything and crusing around. He loves his big brother and always wants to be doing what he is doing. Titus can make him laugh like crazy. It is so great. Justus' face lights up when Vernon walks in the room. He loves to sit on daddy's shoulders. He says Dada, Mama and Baba. He has only repeated the sign language we've been working on once or twice...but thats a step. I hope soon he will use them to communicate with us. He is just so happy and a very pleasent baby. What a Joy.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Entering Lent

Millions of people around the world spanning a multitude of cultures will tomorrow take the symbol of the ash and begin what is known to the English speaking world as The Season of Lent.
The English translation of the word actually derives from an Old English word meaning Spring yet in almost all other languages around the globe, the season is referred to by a derivative of the Latin term Quadragesima, or "the forty days." (reference)

Although many of the denominations and cultures who will be celebrating this Lenten Season do not agree on how Lent should be observed, most all agree on the heart of the season. Lent is a time to open your eyes to sin, repent and abstain. It is a time to reflect on the state of our heart and ask God to be our sole satisfaction. It is a time to commemorate our Savior's discipline and devotion to The Father. It is to be forty days of discipline and devotion.

I read a couple articles that stated that forty days historically was representative of preparation. I love this thought. Preparation for the moment in time that changed everything. Christ Death, Burial and Resurrection. Sin being Conquered. Death loosing its sting. Victory. Rescue. Relief.

I must say that I don't yearly fast from anything in particular unless I feel so led by the Spirit. But I do use this time of Lent to refocus my heart. To ask the Lord to open my eyes to sin, to show me where my heart has given over its affections to another and if this results in a fasting of sorts, amen and if not, amen.

I pray your Lenten Season is so sweet as your affections are turned back to Christ. I pray you taste and see that the Lord is good and find that He alone satisfies.

Heal my heart and make it clean
Open up my eyes to the things unseen
Show me how to love like you have loved me
Break my heart from what breaks yours
Everything I am for your kingdoms cause

yes and amen

Monday, February 23, 2009

A Want To Want God

I read this poem from A.W. Tozer's The Pursuit of God today on Justin Tailor's Blog and thought you would be well served to read it as well. Love you All!
O God, I have tasted Your goodness,
and it has both satisfied me and made me thirsty for more.
I am painfully conscious of my need of further grace.
I am ashamed of my lack of desire.
O God, the Triune God,
I want to want You;
I long to be filled with longing;
I thirst to be made more thirsty still.
Show me Your glory, I pray,
so I may know You indeed.
Begin in mercy a new work of love within me…
Give me grace to rise and follow You up from this misty lowland
where I have wandered so long.
In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Justus Nine Months Today

Just a two pictures from today...Justus turned nine months today...I can hardly believe it. We will go to the doctor for his nine month check up this when that happens I will post a more informative post. For now...just his cute little face.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Latest Painting

I never remembered to post this last painting I did.

I was honored to be one of the artists my sweet friend Molly chose to display at her wedding reception. Isn't that such a fun idea. She had a small wedding party and then asked a group of her friends to all "create" something for her to use as decor for the reception (and then later for her home!) What a fun idea. Molly has great work HERE ...check out her stuff.
Here is what I made for her. It is acrylic on canvas. I also used pages out of a hymn book and of course my trademark....a Sharpie!

The writing are the lyrics to a "The Economy of Mercy" by Switchfoot which is actually the same song my blog is named after. (the photos don't do much for the coloring but you get the drift)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Love This

I totally love THIS photographer. Her name is Janelle Bradshaw she goes by Summer Nell Photography. If you read the Girl Talk Blog she is one of the writers. A lot of my children shots have been inspired by her. Check out her stuff and give her a comment. She is thinking about starting a I hope some day she does!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Little Perspective

Got any gift ideas for Valentine's Day? We do. from Angel Mission on Vimeo.

While I am not against Valentine's Day and gift giving, I think this video is gives a good perspective on how we equate gifts to love. I know very little about Angel Mission as a ministry but I loved the message of this video. This Valentine's Day, write a letter, make a card, be creative, think out side the box of's might just like it!
Happy Valentine's Week!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Sudan and A Chocolate Fest

No, there was not a Chocolate Fest in Sudan...but while Vernon and the guys from the Village are serving the Lord in the remotest part of the Earth, sharing the Gospel and loving on orphans and widows, my sons and I will be attending the Central Market's Festival of Chocolate. That's right folks you read it right, A Chocolate Festival. It starts today!!! I think we will try to go all three days! Basically you walk around Central Market and they serve free samples of a wide variety of bars, truffles and other chocolate treats! Can you get better than this?!? Seriously. While the Guys are worshiping by serving overseas, I will be worshiping while I delight in some of the finest the delicacies of life.Moving on, I spoke with Vernon today. He said it has been a great visit so far. They made safely but about 4 hours late...we like to call this Sudanese Standard Time (SST). Then off they went to the Lura Orphanage. They got held up on the road because some Land Minds were found in a field near by and they were de-mining them. When Vernon told me the plane was late and then they got held up by land minds, my reply was..."Well, they are getting a good feel for what real Sudan life is like!" He laughed and agreed. They had a great time in Lura. Yesterday they spent the day in Morobo at the other orphanage. Now they are back on the compound in Yei. Where they will stay for the next couple days doing all sorts of great things. Thanks for all the prayers!

Oh, and come join me at Central know you want too!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Where He Is and Where He Is Not

Vernon left yesterday, along with a team from The Village Church, for Sudan. This is his first trip of the year and he was very excited. He called today from Uganda and said the flights were great and they were at their hotel. Everything was going great so far.

As for back home, he is not. When he is gone his presence in our home is greatly missed. I know I say this every time but it really does NOT get easier the more he goes. Often times people say, "well I guess you are use to it...since he goes all the time," to which I nod and smile. But really, "use to it" would not really do adequate justice to the emotions that I feel every time he departs. I LOVE what we do. I LOVE Sudan, the orphans, the widows, Bishop and the gang at EPC but I LOVE my husband too. That last kiss at the airport is never easy...but its worth it. The Gospel is worth it. The Name of Christ being made know to the Nations is worth it.

I would ask you to pray for the guys as the travel. They will be updating the Village Blog HERE if you would like to follow along(this blog will have other post besides just theirs). I will try to update the His Voice Blog as much as I can. I would also ask you to pray for my boys. I use to get the brunt of the Spiritual Warfare leading up to our trips and during them, but since we have had children it seems to be shifted towards them...night terrors, restlessness, bad dreams etc. This in turn wears on me.
I was overwhelmed yesterday as I felt a peace flow across our home upon our return home from the airport. I could literally feel the prayers of our church and friends. So those of you who are praying THANK YOU!!!

On a different note, there is another place Vernon is not. That is the Desiring God Pastor's Conference. Every year in February, for a brief moment(VERY BRIEF) I wish I was a Pastor! So I could get into the conference. So since I can't, I blog stalk it. I wait patiently as each speakers notes are posted and mp3's are up....I know I am a nerd....but I love good Theology and great Preaching...I'm a sucker for it. So if you are a sucker like me...GO HERE and listen and learn! The messages are SOO good!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Harris on Need

Click Here for excellent thoughts on God's provision, our definition of need vs. the Biblical definition of need. Here's a couple quotes:

"Our definition of need has been super-sized by our culture of consumption.

So we think that we need not only to eat, but to eat food that we love, and preferably to eat out. We think that we not only need to be clothed, but to wear the latest fashion and have five of everything. We think we need more than just a roof over our heads. We want a bigger house, with a big yard. We think we need multiple cars, four-wheel drive vehicles to drive on paved roads."

"One of the potential spiritual benefits of an economic recession is that as we tighten our budgets, as we change our lifestyle, we can actually begin getting a clearer picture of what we actually need. We have a lot more than we really need."