Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Where He Is and Where He Is Not

Vernon left yesterday, along with a team from The Village Church, for Sudan. This is his first trip of the year and he was very excited. He called today from Uganda and said the flights were great and they were at their hotel. Everything was going great so far.

As for back home, he is not. When he is gone his presence in our home is greatly missed. I know I say this every time but it really does NOT get easier the more he goes. Often times people say, "well I guess you are use to it...since he goes all the time," to which I nod and smile. But really, "use to it" would not really do adequate justice to the emotions that I feel every time he departs. I LOVE what we do. I LOVE Sudan, the orphans, the widows, Bishop and the gang at EPC but I LOVE my husband too. That last kiss at the airport is never easy...but its worth it. The Gospel is worth it. The Name of Christ being made know to the Nations is worth it.

I would ask you to pray for the guys as the travel. They will be updating the Village Blog HERE if you would like to follow along(this blog will have other post besides just theirs). I will try to update the His Voice Blog as much as I can. I would also ask you to pray for my boys. I use to get the brunt of the Spiritual Warfare leading up to our trips and during them, but since we have had children it seems to be shifted towards them...night terrors, restlessness, bad dreams etc. This in turn wears on me.
I was overwhelmed yesterday as I felt a peace flow across our home upon our return home from the airport. I could literally feel the prayers of our church and friends. So those of you who are praying THANK YOU!!!

On a different note, there is another place Vernon is not. That is the Desiring God Pastor's Conference. Every year in February, for a brief moment(VERY BRIEF) I wish I was a Pastor! So I could get into the conference. So since I can't, I blog stalk it. I wait patiently as each speakers notes are posted and mp3's are up....I know I am a nerd....but I love good Theology and great Preaching...I'm a sucker for it. So if you are a sucker like me...GO HERE and listen and learn! The messages are SOO good!


A and K said...

Hi Amber - I understand! That kiss goodbye never gets any easier, does it? - and there's definitely no getting used to it. I'll be boldly petitioning Christ for His peace over you, Titus and Justus. Adam leaves on Sunday - please be praying for Brannen. We love you guys!

wetherell said...

We will be praying for the fam, sweet friend~ Vernon, you and the Boys.

adamandcourtney said...

We will for sure be lifting you guys up! I, too, am blog-stalking the DG Pastor's Conference and living vicariously through my hubby, who is there! We are anxious to see him tonight, and it has only been three days! So every time I am grateful to have him back, I will try to remember to say a prayer for you! Love you and your commitment to the gospel! You are so right - it is hard, but all worth it for the name of Christ to be known among the nations.

Julie and Alberto Robles said...

I'm sorry that it doesn't get easier. It stinks. You're in my prayers and on my list of people who make me happy.

Krystal said...

Love you A! I will see you tonight. I have such admiration for you sister.