Sunday, July 29, 2007

What's on the Menu Monday

Chicken Spaghetti

1/4 chopped onion- brown in 2 Tbls butter

1 can Cream of Mushroom soup

1/2 cup Water

1 cup shredded colby jack cheese (i put 1-2/2 or 2 cups)

3 chicken brest diced and sauteed in olive oil and garlic

12oz of spaghetti (i use whole wheat)

Brown onions in butter. Once they are browned add soup, then water, then cheese and chicken. Stir until creamy (i add some garlic salt and cracked red pepper for more flavor) and add cooked pasta. Serves 4 to 5.

And the Winner is....

Erin Reardon. She definantly got the most!
As for everyone else who gave it a go, Thank you for the laughs and memories you provoked by listing the sweet songs.

Runner Up goes To.,...

Jerrell and Kay- for a great list! Jesus Jesus was actually not on the list and i havent thought about it for i cant get it out of my head! AHH! it is actually on line HERE!
Alison l. Richmond - for the l.sitton quote and amber gaddis memories
Carrie C - for remembering I AM ONE...come on people I cant believe no one else said it!
Andrea B - for possibly the funniest comment on my blog to this date.
Amanda J - for knowing the mystery man who sang at Tuesday Night Bible Study.
Sarah B- for reiterating how funny Andrea's comment was
Krissie- for getting Pour Me Out! who could forget that song!
Michelle - for not forsaking good ole Passion.
Stephenie- for providing ammunition for an up coming blog!

And Here it is the List you have all been waiting for, complete with memories.

Seek you First- Shane Bernard (rocks wont cry) I listened to this song every morning in the sanctuary, after working out in the CLC. It later went on to be in our wedding and be a defining song for my entire life. May our Praise Rise as Incense O Lord to YOU!

Knowing You- Passion 99- this song represents all that I learned and long to become. So many dear friends and mentors pored Truth into my life and for this i am forever indebted. From Matt Kearns to Harvey Kinisel to William Taylor to Bob Caldwell to Mary and Roger Bridgwater to Beth Moore, my life was shaped and molded by the these sweet people. Their lives showed me that in Knowing Jesus, there is NO greater thing. Oh to know the power of His Risen Life and to Know Him in His suffering, I saw in them the Truth and was forever spurred on.

All I Want- The Smith Band- Anyone remember Metro? I will never forget when this CD came out. I remember walking into Metro and getting so excited that this was the week the CD would be there! I bet i listen to this track a hundred times. It was exactly what my heart was singing. All I want is YOU. Stephen and Star- your songs and your lives ministered to me from a far as a college student and now as a wife and mom. Thank you for your lives and your dear friendship.

We've come to Declare- Jami Smith- Jami was also a worshipleader at Metro. And yes, I admit, i secretly wanted to be her one day. But this song was sang by many people at the time and for some reason the way she arranged it forever stuck with me. I went on to lead it as often as SBU and Springhill would allow! sorry if i ruined it for you! Hallelujah We are Free! We have Come to Declare the Beauty of the LORD!

Pure and Holy Passion- Candi Pearson- while we are talking about "amber gaddis songs" I will skip to this beloved song. I first heard this song in the SBU chapel when Passion did the Pre-Oneday rally. (Oct. 99) I wrote it in my journal and as quickly as i could get to my guitar I tried to figure it out. I sang it in my heart until i heard it again at Oneday in May 00. That entire summer it was the prayer of my heart, i wrote it in my journal, prayed it for my friends and for myself. It wasnt until the following fall that it came out on CD. And you better believe I was skipping class the day it came out!

Your Renown- Shaun Groves- Jonas did this song the summer of '02. Jeff Carson was an intern that year and quickly made this song his own. I will always hear this song in your voice Jeff. Lord its Your Renown that I live for now.

I am One- Jonas- or any song by Jonas for that matter. This song was the theme of the Houston Project. Jake Smith Jr., Josh Welker, Jasmine and Kyle, Steve P. and Chris- Your lives and music ministered to so many those summers. May you be forever blessed.

Not to Us-Joel Ingle/Jami Smith-David Nasser voice over- A Call to Die. This devotional changed so many of our lives. This song was the beginning of Jerrell and Kay's wedding and was one of the theme songs of the summer of '02. This song went on to be in our wedding as well.

Manifest- Soul dance Free- all i have to say is HFBC High School Camp '02

You Said- Shane and Shane- I used this song in our Devo times the summer of '02, one time specifically we used it in the sactuary as each one asked God for the nations. and I used so many many many other songs of shane and shane.

Breathe- Kathryn Scott- Does anyone remember that Clear Vision Sketch to this song about the husband and wife who are in a closed country who were being held hostage? Woah. I have seen that A LOT of times and i cry every time. May Vernon and I be that strong in You oh Lord.

Reveal- By the Tree- I will never forget the summer when Chuck wrote this song. I remember laying on the floor at Camp Ethel (logan valley) and Jerrell playing this song for us over the sound system. It was so powerful. Can I be close to you? Can i just touch you Lord? It went on to be released the following year and was a hit in the summer at the Houston Project!

Beloved- By the Tree- oldschool- This brings it back yall. WAY to many memories to write about this one.

There were so many more that i would love to have added but dont have in my IPOD. here is a quick list
Shackles- in Lisa P's voice from Beliveing God
We will praise you for the rest of our days- see previous
anything by Sons and Daughters- i would pay good money for a copy of this fyi.
Pour me Out- jake smith jr.- my first time to be in Houston Jake was singing this song.
Do not pass me by- robbie seay...or anything rsb for that matter
Beloved- Dennis Jernigan- I will never forget that night with the Lord at Tuesday Night BS.
All of Life- Charlie Hall- best song ever.
All my Life- Some Austrailian band- another best song ever. (heard in the smith band voice)
Stop Playin- Trey9

Monday, July 16, 2007

Take a Guess.

okay folks, a couple of weeks ago i took a remembrance trip to Houston. I made a playlist on my Ipod of "Remember Houston Songs." Of all that I wanted on the list, some didn't make it due to my lack of archiving the song my Itunes but they were there in my heart non-the-less. Are you ready for the challenge? Okay. Some hints...i started going to Houston in 1999 and moved away in 2003. This particular list of songs were mostly, but not limited too, worship songs.
(and some of you who never comment...this would be a great time to show your stuff!)
so comment your guesses....who will get the most?
What's on the Menu Monday Returns!

sorry to all of you who are readers of the WOMM i have been a bit crazy this summer so i will try to make it up to you. Here is an easy one to get going again.

BBQ Chicken Pizza

3 Chicken Breast (smart chicken or at least anti-biotic and hormone free)
KC Master Piece Spice Hot BBQ Sauce
2 Cups colby jack shredded cheese
1 cup chopped red onion
1 can grand biscuits (off brand saves money)

Place BBQ sauce in the bottom of a skillet like you would olive oil or something you were sauteing with. Chop chicken breast in to bit size pieces and saute in BBQ sauce. Meanwhile take the biscuits and press them out onto a pizza pan or a cookie sheet. Once biscuits are pressed put a BBQ sauce layer and then the onions. When chicken is done place the chicken on the pizza than top it with cheese. Cook at 350 for 10 mins or until cooked through.

This is a great 20 min meal that is great on the fly. In fact i made it up two days ago because i was trying to get rid of some BBQ sauce and some biscuits and avoid going to the store!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Three Parties for Three years

Yes it is true. Titus had one birthday party for each of his years of life. One in Missouri, One in Midland and one here in DFW. Here are some snapshots from the last two. We were in Midland on Titus's actual birthDAY so we celebrated with the community group we use to be a part of. They all brought there children and we had a water party in the top it off, our sweet friend who wanted so badly for the party to be at her house was due to have her third child THAT DAY! she hosted a party for my son on HER DUE DATE! she is every woman. seriously. The party here in DFW was a double party with Titus's best bud, Jackson Smith. It was a Bob the Builder party. All kinds of friends from the church and around the area came. It was great! Star was a great host and so kind to let us share in the fun! All in all Titus had a great Birthday, it will be remembered as the birthday that never ends. It seems each day he has a new present waiting at our door when we get home from the YMCA. I guess it is really fun to buy presents for three-year-old boys!

Monday, July 02, 2007


Here i am again in Houston.
A place so dear to my heart and to my soul.
A place I love.
It seems that God always knows exactly when i need to be in Houston
and why. Funny how He does that.

So here I am Lord. Here to Remember.
To Remember your Nearness
To Remember your Faithfulness
To Remember your Provision
To Remember your Voice

I will tell of your deeds to Titus
I will celebrate your works with my Friends
I will laugh with Joy from your goodness
I will sing and sing and sing again