Monday, July 16, 2007

Take a Guess.

okay folks, a couple of weeks ago i took a remembrance trip to Houston. I made a playlist on my Ipod of "Remember Houston Songs." Of all that I wanted on the list, some didn't make it due to my lack of archiving the song my Itunes but they were there in my heart non-the-less. Are you ready for the challenge? Okay. Some hints...i started going to Houston in 1999 and moved away in 2003. This particular list of songs were mostly, but not limited too, worship songs.
(and some of you who never comment...this would be a great time to show your stuff!)
so comment your guesses....who will get the most?


The Sanders House said...

Better is One Day
Heart of Worship
Amazing Love

Good 'ol Passion Classics...and Houston Project songs!

Krissie said...

Pour Me Out

Those are the two that stick out in my mind. I just happened to start searching the internet for old Houston friends tonight, and came across your blog, how funny that you have this post. Good to see how you are doing.

:) Krissie

Anonymous said... I am gonna be really sad if I don't win this one...not for winning's sake but only because this what you and I did in Houston - namely listen and sing and laugh our heads off!! And remember the drive from H-Town to St. Louis..we playe the scan game see ing who could guess the song first...anyway here are some of my song memories...
1. Not to us (J & K's wedding)
2. Fly - Jonas (SOO Funny!!)
3. Famous One - Ryan Langford :)
4. You Said (you played this for us when you led devo's)
5. Love Song For A Savior - Caedmon's (listening in the van on the way to Galveston & for some reason this song reminds me of Dan Born
6. Manifest - by no other than Sould Dance Free!! Good ole' Justin Brooks...the memories!
7. Only Hope - Switchfoot!
8. Beloved - The night we went to the Beth Moore Conference
9.Songs by Forty Days
10. Praise The King - Reminds me of Michelle Sander's beautiful voice
11. Here I am to Worship - Jake Smith Jr.
12.Jennifer Knapp - Say Wont you say (totally reminds me of Mar
13. Pnenomenon - Toby Mac (from high school camp!! No was that song that they would blast that was from that Christian movie that just came out back in the day....the start of the sone went "eeexxxtttrreemmmeee dddaaayyyssss...." you know that one?!! I was scrolling through my itunes music, these are some that reminded me of that wonderful summer! I love you and miss you. XOXOX


Kay Altic said...

so....erin does have this one all wrapped up. but let's give a shot...

1. all of life it comes down to just one thing...

that pretty could the only song that ever needs to be sung.

2. jesus jesus (ryan langford)

3. your my beloved (by the tree)

4. reveal (by the tree)

5. jesus freak (dc talk)

well we could write more but we just got caught up in the tv show "the next best thing"

jerrell and kay

arich81 said...

ok erin loses automatically bc she said love song for a savior was sung by cademon's. wa waaa.
can i just touch you lord? NOOOOO!!!!
(thanks, l.sit...)
*give me one pure and holy...passion...give me one know and follow hhhard after you, God...
*the amber gaddis tracks:
holy holy, Lord God Almighty...worthy is the lamb who was slain!
my freedom. my reason. my savior that's what you are to me...
(don't know the name of those two.)

Andrea Bowman said...

okay this is going to be hard, because i'm not good at song names, but i'll take a guess anyways!
great are you - downhere
fly - jonas
not to us - the david nasser thing
awaken - jonas (or anything from that cd really)
something by hold fast and/or soul dance free
only hope - switchfoot
praise the king by that one girl...i forgot her name
you said - shane and shane and probably other ones too
your beloved - btt
love song for a savior - jars of clay
that one song by the guy who was gay, but got saved and he sang a song over the ladies at the beth moore bible study...i think his name is david or something? you know what i'm talking about!
definately every song by 3 days later
ummm...that's all i can think of really, sorry i don't know all the names, but do i get points for trying?

Sarah said...

"that one song by the guy who was gay, but got saved and he sang a song over the ladies at the beth moore bible study...i think his name is david or something? you know what i'm talking about!"

That is HALIRIOUS!!!!!! ummm...everyone covered everything I was thinking of- I had forgotten all about Fly until today- gotta love that song!

Amanda said...

Dennis Jernigan, y'all! I will never forget William Taylor teaching me how to dance in place for that concert. And Kay and I thought our moms were going to be skipping around the sanctuary with tambourines. Amber, I have no songs to add but I am going to buy all of these myself! Anything by Passion, Jonas, Sonic Flood, By the Tree, and Shane and Shane takes me back.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone said I am One by Jonas? Or "Teach Me to love you cause I just want to love you, want to love you more and more and more oh God...." Or "Open up the doors and let the music play let the streets resound with singing"

The Granniss Family said...

Okay I was not there but I am going to say anything Rich Mullins. Tag your it please see why on my blog...
Do you want to get together tomorrow still? If so, email me your digits and I'll give you a call!

Anonymous said...

Ok, here's one...

"And the wonder of it all is I'm a living @#$%# more in love with you!"

hee hee!!!

--Steph Combs ;)

Noemi said...

Just because your listing songs, I thought I'd add:

Andrea Bowman said...

oh's not really a family reunion unless everyone's drives their rvs! it was great and cooper was so cute! i can't figure out who he looks like, but he's definately a cutie. did you get my voicemail? do you guys want to hang out this weekend?

Matt Jen and Jacey Winn said...

So hmmm. I was just talking to my old college friend Cole Pauley and as he was telling me the story about your husband calling him, I connected the dots that not only do I know you though my sister Michelle, but also through cole! The baptist circle just got a bit smaller...weird.