Monday, July 02, 2007


Here i am again in Houston.
A place so dear to my heart and to my soul.
A place I love.
It seems that God always knows exactly when i need to be in Houston
and why. Funny how He does that.

So here I am Lord. Here to Remember.
To Remember your Nearness
To Remember your Faithfulness
To Remember your Provision
To Remember your Voice

I will tell of your deeds to Titus
I will celebrate your works with my Friends
I will laugh with Joy from your goodness
I will sing and sing and sing again


The Granniss Family said...

Hey Amber! I am glad God blessed you while you were in Houston. A place dear to my heart. The poem/post you wrote could probably be in an inspirational book.
You are so real it is contagious!
I am blessed by knowing you and your family.
We need to plan that playdate to the Parks mall to let the boys run wild (at the playground area). I was thinking we could take a cool field trip to the camping section in Dick's Sporting goods too!

courtney said...

it was good to see you on wednesday, even if only for a minute! it was good to hug your neck!

Doc Bombay said...

I once backed an SBU van into a Sonic ordering sign in Houston!! It was a beautiful time. I remember it very fondly. I will share that story with Titus someday too!! ;) You encourage.

Danielle Nicole said...

Oh my! were you in Houston last week?? bc if you were I was too! How crazy is that!! Anyways, I miss you and I want to visit soon! love you and the boys!

The Sanders House said...

it was great seeing you on Wednesday! love you!