Sunday, November 29, 2009

Head'em up and Move'em Out

In 7 hours the boys and I will do just that, head'em up and move'em out. We have had a sweet last week here in Texas full of memories, friends and family. We can not say with words how much we love each of you dearly and will miss you more than we are ever able to communicate. We are excited about what is ahead and all that the Lord is doing. Thanks for all the love and fun this week!

Now....come visit.

Friday, November 20, 2009

His Voice for Sudan and The Advent Conspiracy

His Voice For Sudan Advent Conspiracy Video from Amber Burger on Vimeo.

I made this little video up last night to go along with The Advent Conspiracy. If you, your small group, your family or your Church are looking for a avenue to give to children around the world, we would love for you to consider our sweet friends in Sudan.

For more info on what the needs are visit our website's Partner Page or CLICK HERE for a document that has goals you could set for your group.


If you are not aware of what The Advent Conspiracy is, PLEASE take time to watch this 2 1/2 min video that AC put out as well::

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Long Over Due

I have been meaning to write this post for over a month now.

My family is about to open a new chapter in our lives. We are moving. We are moving back to Missouri. St. Louis will be our new city, O'fallon, MO to be exact. Our hearts are thrilled yet we are so sad to leave all our great friends here in Texas. Houston, Midland and Fort Worth are the places we have called home in our journey here in Texas and behind us we will be leaving a wake of the dearest friends anyone could ask for. I must add Irving, although we never lived there, our church family does. They have become our closest of kin, leaving them will be like leaving our family when we moved away from MO to TX.

Vernon accepted the position of "Teaching Pastor" at The Summit Community Church in O'fallon, MO. For years now we have praying very specific prayers about a job that Vernon could use his giftings to the utmost, while continuing the work of His Voice for Sudan. When the Summit sent us the job description, we could not deny this was the place for us. It had every aspect of the job we prayed for!! We are so excited for this opportunity!

We are trying to sale our home and have been for a couple months. If we have no buyer by Thanksgiving, we will move Nov. 30th. (we are trying to find a rental home there in the mean time) If we get a buyer we will stay until we close and buy a home there. Obviously the latter is what we hope for. Please pray toward that with us!

We have learned so much through this process, so much that I wish I would have blogged. Maybe the blogs will come once we are there! Who knows.

To our Texas friends, you have have seen our family grow, cared for us in every way, struggled with us, rejoiced with us, morned with us, sang with us, gave to us, shared with us and become part of us. Although we are saying good bye physically, you have impacted our family for ever. For this we could never thank each of you enough.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Don't Give Up

i am alive.
please dont give up on me.
will blog soon.


Monday, November 02, 2009

All Dressed Up

I really didn't get many pics of us all dressed up but here are a few. I only had my phone so the pictures are not the greatest but it was so fun!

Not sure why, but this picture is soo funny to me! Justus as a "Runaway iPhone!"
This is Titus in his costume contest. I don't have any pics of Justus being in his but he got third place! fun!