Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Long Over Due

I have been meaning to write this post for over a month now.

My family is about to open a new chapter in our lives. We are moving. We are moving back to Missouri. St. Louis will be our new city, O'fallon, MO to be exact. Our hearts are thrilled yet we are so sad to leave all our great friends here in Texas. Houston, Midland and Fort Worth are the places we have called home in our journey here in Texas and behind us we will be leaving a wake of the dearest friends anyone could ask for. I must add Irving, although we never lived there, our church family does. They have become our closest of kin, leaving them will be like leaving our family when we moved away from MO to TX.

Vernon accepted the position of "Teaching Pastor" at The Summit Community Church in O'fallon, MO. For years now we have praying very specific prayers about a job that Vernon could use his giftings to the utmost, while continuing the work of His Voice for Sudan. When the Summit sent us the job description, we could not deny this was the place for us. It had every aspect of the job we prayed for!! We are so excited for this opportunity!

We are trying to sale our home and have been for a couple months. If we have no buyer by Thanksgiving, we will move Nov. 30th. (we are trying to find a rental home there in the mean time) If we get a buyer we will stay until we close and buy a home there. Obviously the latter is what we hope for. Please pray toward that with us!

We have learned so much through this process, so much that I wish I would have blogged. Maybe the blogs will come once we are there! Who knows.

To our Texas friends, you have have seen our family grow, cared for us in every way, struggled with us, rejoiced with us, morned with us, sang with us, gave to us, shared with us and become part of us. Although we are saying good bye physically, you have impacted our family for ever. For this we could never thank each of you enough.


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Amanda said...

Even though we haven't lived in Irving in a while, I still get choked up when I think about your move. I'm happy for y'all that you get to go "home." But I'm sad for everyone that loves you here in Texas! You guys have been such a blessing to the people's lives you have touched. We love you so much and there is no one we respect more than you and Vernon. It also blesses my heart that both your boys were born on Lone Star soil. Their heritage cannot be undone. ;)

fran said...

For all of Amber's friends that she is saying good-bye to... I am one to whom she is saying hello! As you send this precious family, know that we are embracing them in Missouri! We only know with our heads the impact they've made through the grace of Jesus. Soon, we will know with our hearts! We are blessed to get to minister the grace and peace and love and joy of Jesus with them! We anxiously await their arrival and continue to pray for eternal moments for them while they are in Texas.

Amanda said...

any chance I'll see you before you go?

Melissa said...

Amber, I will be be praying for you as you move. I have lived in Missouri before (Salem to be exact) and the people there are wonderful! I still have many friends there. My prayer for you as you move is that the peace of God be with you as you open a new chapter in your lives and that God will be glorified in every way. May the people you leave behind remember how much you loved Jesus and them; and to the people you will minister too, may they see Jesus in you and your love for others. Be Blessed!