Friday, May 18, 2012

Z is for Zacchaeus, Zoo and Zebra

YAY!  We finished our first year of schooling two boys!  Embarking on this task made me so nervous, as schooling one was tough....the thought of adding a pre-schooler to the mix was a little scary.  But we made it!  Thanks for tagging a long as we went.  I hope you had as much fun schooling as we did!

Z was, like X, stretched out over several weeks because it is so nice out side. I let the boys play and enjoy the weather.

For our memory verse we did Luke 19:5, "Zacchaeus hurry and come down, for I must stay at your house today." This is a well know Bible story but proved timely like many of our other verses this year!  The concept of this story is easy for our 3 year old to grasp and remember while it was a strong reminder and challenge for our 7 year old.  Our "God is Faithful. You can be" board said, "God is Faithful. You can be forgiven."  We talked about who Zacchaeus was, what others thought of him and how others treated him.  Then we compared that to how Jesus thought of him, and treated him.  We talked about in the same way, we are sinners and Jesus has every right to treat us poorly, but He treats us with forgiveness.

Z is for Zoo, of course.  So we went to the Zoo.

And while at the Zoo, we found a ZEBRA!

For our letter project we also made a Zebra.

We did a few other fun things that incorporated Z.

We worked on our writing and tracing and did LOTS of "math" (i.e pattern blocks)

I am sure we did more but that's all I have photographed :)

For those who are done with school :: Great Job!! You finsished!  For those who haven't :: KEEP IT UP! You are sooooo close!

I am going to be doing some "summer" school with both boy and hope to post some of that but otherwise, I am going to try to resume with normal, non-school blogging....but we will see, this has been fun!

Happy Schooling or Happy Summer!