Saturday, November 27, 2010

One of The Many Reasons We Do What We Do::

This footage was captured at the His Voice/ EPC Orphanage in Lura, Sudan by a member of The Village Church's team, Jesse McKee. :: I love these kids :: Videos like these remind me that all the administration and networking done everyday on our side is worth every bit of our effort. Sometimes, since my heart is often in Sudan, being on this side seems like unnecessary busy work. But the Lord uses videos like these to open my eyes to the Truth. He has called us to serve and sometimes "service" doesn't mean going (although sometimes it does). Sometimes it means staying here and being voice for these kids. Sometimes it means staying up late or getting up early to return emails, calls or send mailouts. Sometimes it means printing and mailing and setting up booths. Sometimes it means brainstorming, creating videos and posting photos. Sometimes it means having less and giving more. Sometimes it means being home and raising boys who love the nations so the next generation will carry the Gospel to many.

I hope you enjoy their joy::

Sudan Orphanage from Jesse McKee on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010




Sunday, November 14, 2010

Forced Media Fast

Last week Vernon had the privilege of preaching a revival at a church in the middle of the beautiful country in southwest Missouri. It was a fantastic week. The boys and I were able to go and we all stayed in the Church (it has a room for families to stay in). We knew going into the trip that there would be no cell service and very limited Internet (it is actually easier to get a hold of us in Sudan than in this rural area of MO). We had been wanting to do a "media fast" for a while now so we thought this would be a perfect time.

Those of you who know me know that I am notorious for being bad at returning calls and have been labeled "hard to get a hold of." I was the last person I knew that was my age to get a cell phone (and only did because long distance was getting expensive talking to Vern). I hated the idea of always being available to all at all times. I go through this same aversion with each new "social media" as they comes out, blogging, facebook, twitter, etc. So the thought of not "being able to be gotten a hold of" was refreshing. A media fast? YES PLEASE!!

Really the honest depths of it is that I dont want the responsibility of responding to such a wide variety of needs/wants. I want control. I want to be in charge of who can and cannot get a hold of me so that I can have control of what comes my way. Now granted, part of this is a good thing. I DO think there is wisdom in protecting your self and not spreading your self thin and baring so many other needs/burdens that you cant care for your own. (or those of your close friends and family) I DO think there is wisdom in setting boundaries and not feeling an excessive amount of responsibility to respond each time you are beckoned. So dont hear me say that everyone should be openly available at all times. Be available :: just keep it balanced!

Since we don't have TV and rarely watch movies, our "media" is the Internet and our iPhones. (and most certainly books but we didn't count those :) On any given month I send/receive approx 1500 text, easy. Each day I check facebook and/or twitter continually through the day as if I really need to know what everyone is doing. I am subscribed to 50+ blogs, send/receive 20+ emails a day and feel compelled to posts random thoughts throughout the day for all to read. None of these things are BAD in and of themselves. They can be used for Godly purposes, "spurring one another on in Love and good deeds" but they MUST remain in check.

Putting them in check is exactly what we did this week and I am so thankful. It was beautiful week. No where to go, no texts, voicemails or emails to respond to, just our family and a fun church family to get to know. It was beautiful and refreshing.

A lot went on in my heart this week regarding media and its role in our life and I highly recommend a small "fast" to all of you. You dont have to be in rural SWMO to turn off your phone and shut your computer. Let the Lord show you where media has led you in to sin, or rather, revealed the sin in your heart. Also, let the Lord show you how you do and can use it for His Glory.

Here are some photos of what we did all day. We did ride four wheelers but I didnt get any pics of it::

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Family Miracle

We have been out of town so I have been able to post that my sister had her sweet baby girl two weeks ago. She was not due until mid December. It was a scary few days but Timber Lynn Gail McCallon was born just shy of 34 weeks. Thank you to all our friends and family who prayed for little Timber and my sister. She is strong, healthy and at home! In fact my sister just told us Timber weighed 4lbs 6oz at her 2 week appointment! I haven't had a chance to meet little Timber yet but I love her SO much! I got some pictures from my sister's fb until I have a chance to take some of my own :)

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Friday, November 05, 2010

A Little Late

I usually go all out for Reformation Day and make fun costumes for all (see here, here and here)...not this year. We've been traveling so much that I havent had a chance....sooo we pulled into town late on the 30th and ran to target...needless to say they didnt have much to choose from but the boys were thrilled to be super heros! (even if the costumes dont quite fit! J's was WAY too small and T's was too big) IT is funny that neither of them have ever seen Iron Man or Spider Man except in books at Barnes and Noble but they loved them all the same!

We went to an neighborhood outreach party
with some friends in North County on the 31st and had a great time!! We got to hang out with the Kuntz's and the Reardon's! I got pics of everyone except Uriah...he was Woody and as cute as could be ;) Here are some photos::