Friday, December 19, 2008

Last Minutes Suggestions

Today is the last day to order online and get the gift buy Christmas. So I made a little list of some suggestions for you and linked them so it was easy and quick. These are some of my top items of purchase this year...Happy Giving!


Tyler Dodds- This Is Not Our Home

This album is fabulous. It is deep, mysterious and full of life. Musically it is unique and genius. It is a MUST BUY for all music lovers.

Roger Cullins- Songs of A Savior
This album is a full of original worship songs. It is honest and Biblical. It is great for both corporate worship and individual worship.


Tim Keller- Prodigal God

This book gives a telling description of the Two sons in Jesus' Parable of, what Dr. Keller calls, "The Two Lost Sons" instead of the "Prodigal Son." This is a short book but it is rich in Biblical truths. Dr. Keller puts forth rebukes and encouragements to both sons and shows us how we can easily be either of them. This book can be read by both a Freshmen in high school and a PhD and both would benefit to the utmost. My husband, Vernon, said this is one of the top three books he has ever read and it should be read by people of all worldviews.

Curtis Jones- Deepening A Fathers Heart
This is 25 day Devotional Journal for men written by a dear friend of ours. I have not read this book, as it is for men, but highly recommend it based on Curtis' amazing ability to teach the Word and articulate his thoughts. Ladies, this is a great buy for your husbands of fathers.


sheltonfamily said...

We just went to Dr. Keller's church in NYC. It was so awesome and really fun to see an amazing church in the midst of the city!

Andrea Bowman said...

happy new year! i talk about you guys on my you should read it :)