Monday, June 11, 2007

It's Offially Summer

In my book it only takes one thing to make it offically the first day of summer and that very thing happened today....I wore my swimming suit the ENTIRE day. Yep, i put it on when i woke up and took it off to put my pjs back on....oh how i love summer. Titus and I played in the water today and then we went to the water park this afternoon. After the water park i grilled out for supper to celebrate this momentous occation. If you havent guessed...i love water and i love to swim and play.
Vernon's summer class is quite intencive so we wont be doing much daddy time during the day so my plan is to escape to our back yard to play in the hose or to go to our YMCA's water park as many times a week as possible!
For all of you who have been praying, Camp was AMAZING. It was above and beyond anything i could have expected. It was the best camp i have gone to in years. It was the most intentianal and most organized i can think of (and i ve been to ALOT!). The girls were eager to learn and recieved the WORD with Grace. AMEN. If you would, join me in prayer for the girls as they continue in what they learned now that they are home.
Our camp photographer was amazing. If you ever need an event like this photographed contact him.
Here are a couple more of my faves
Sorry not alot of details, its late and i am thinking of a bajillion things....

This is our night services....Salvation is HERE!

This is Erin...I love her more than words.

This is Hunter....he rocks. enough said.


Janelle & Ella said...

Glad to hear camp was AMAZING!! Thanks for letting us spend some time with your hubby!
Ella and I need to join you and Titus for one of your water days.

Maureen said...

Cool. Glad it was awesome! As for summer, it's a whole new world for me--I'm done working at camp as of this weekend, and have a summer ahead of me living a normal life in the city. I've never done that before..

The Sanders House said...

something about being in a bathing suit all day reminds me of my fun!