Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A List As Well

I haven’t blogged since right after camp but never you fear, plenty has been worth blogging. It is just hard to decide what is of great value after many days have passed. I was reading my friend Moe's blog and she inspired me too, instead of feeling overloaded by the numerous amount of things to blog, make a list of them. So below is my no particular order. But first an ebsert from moe's blog explaining the list.

In the past week or so, nearly every day something has come to my attention that has incurred the thought, "I should blog about that." But said blogging never occurred. So instead I'm going to get back on the train by making a list. Of stuff. No topic or purpose--just a list of whatever I want to have on my list.

1. Dr. Reeves (my greek professor) book A Genuine Faith Faith just went out of print....Seriously this publishing company is making a very bad mistake. If you dont have it yet...BUY IT. READ IT. Hurry before no more are available. It will stretch your mind and make you think like never before. Oh and a bonus, in about 20 years when he is a famous theologian you can brag you have an original print.

2. Like my friend Amanda, pregnancy paranoia has hit. I bought a box of prego test today, took it. It was negative.

3. Three of our closest friend couples are Pregnant. We love you and are SOOO happy for you! (this might contribute a bit to my prego paranoia...just a little)

4. Titus turns 3 on Sunday.

5. I am about to have a non-potty-trained 3 year old and I am fully okay with that. We haven’t even given it a strong go. We've been traveling so much that it seems worthless to me to start when I am setting him up for failure by stringing him around the country and to be honest, all you moms of toddler boys, it really like potty training the mom not the son. You have to be fully willing to give time and effort and both I am lacking....maybe July will lend itself to less travel....we will see.

6. We leave tomorrow for Midland! Some of our great friends from there are getting married! I am one of the photographers and am WAY excited! I get to see all the students from camp again! Vernon will be speaking at Youth on Sunday!

7. Vernon has been teaching at our Church the last two Wednesday on Islam....It has been amazing and if you missed it....I am sorry.

8. About a month ago, while in Chicago, I got the new HilsongUnited "All of the Above" It hasnt come out of our CD player or off of my IPod since that day. It is GREAT. The girl on the album is seriously my new favorite voice. I often dream i am her and it is so real that i have to knock myself back into reality. GET IT. Seriouly. Or atleast go buy Lead Me to the Cross and Hosanna and both Selah's on Itunes.

9. The line from the above mentioned song "Hosanna" that has been my prayer for this month is
"break my heart and make it clean, open up my eyes to the things unseen, show me how to love like you have loved me."
The Lord has definitly been opening my eyes to sin in my life and its been a rough go, but the end has been so sweet.

10. thats all i just hated to end on 9, i dont know, it just didnt seem right.



the {{screaming *penguin}} said...

I haven't met your husband, but he seems to me to look very British. He looks like every British guy should.
Seriously. He does.
Is he?

Anonymous said...

yes, lists! Val pufahl actually inspired me to make lists of whatever i want whenever i want. i'm honored to be quoted!

Amanda's got Baby Bangs said...
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Amanda's got Baby Bangs said...
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Anonymous said...

I love all that you have to say and spill. A heart that is open and honest is one that God is going to bless and grow.
You are not alone on the pregnancy thing.
keep reaching and learning!!!
Love tessa

Joshua Murrell said...

You guys have been busy! Happy Birthday, Titus!

Janelle & Ella said...

I hope you guys had a great time in Midland!! Happy Birthday Titus! I missed seeing you Saturday night. Maybe next week y'all can come over for dinner.

Anonymous said...

Adam has had a vasectomy and I still get pregnancy paranoia from time to time. :) It's weird for me to NOT be pregnant, since a vast majority of the past five years have been spent pregnant. What an amazing feeling to be able to take more medicine than Tylenol!!

I am with you on the potty training. I know boys and girls are different, but I totally didn't sweat it with Honor. After all, how many teenagers do you know who aren't potty trained? So we didn't even seriously start until she was three. I think it made it so much easier. It was like one morning she just woke up and decided to go to the bathroom in the toilet. I can count on one hand how many accidents we've had since then, and she never even wore pull-ups at night. Surely the other two won't be that easy.

Oh, and bribing with M & M's worked wonders for us! My family would crack up because she would get so excited about having four M & M's that she'd carry them around and not eat them... and we all know that they actually DO melt in your hand.