Thursday, August 28, 2008

Can You Handle This?

Okay so I dont have much time but I just HAVE to share some of these pics from the week. My friends have the CUTEST babies...and I got to photograph them all week! SO FUN!

Micah Carson

Ansley Becker

Mikail Kuntz

Eden Reardon


Mimi said...

Is that David Becker's Daughter? That's the only name that rings a bell. How cute! Really beautiful little people.

Amanda said...

So precious.

sarah said...

cute kids!

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

You are such a talented photographer. I love looking at the pictures you have taken :)

Anonymous said...

Where is Justus????? I've looked & looked & don't see those chubby cheeks & legs.
It was soooooo wonderful to see all of you! Must admit the "withdrawal" is pretty intense! (you know how grandmas can be) I LOVE YOU, ALL

Murrell Family said...

These pics are so great! Precious babies!

Sarah said...

This is aweseome! really awesome cause they are all like the same fun. I am sure you had a totally blessed time with each other!!