Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On Yesterday.

WE LOVED THE MOVIE. Invictus that is. Vernon and I both have been fascinated with the story of racial reconciliation in South African history for years. We have marveled at what took place in that land and what is still coming to pass. This movie was such a great example of preferring something/someone you don't necessarily like for the good of all involved. There were about a hundred one liners from the movie on forgiveness, perseverance and social justice. It was a great film. Epic if you ask me.

My friend Maux did an excellent review on it HERE.

And I love my hair! Vernon's step-sister Katie is my hair stylist here. If you are in STL area and need one...SHE IS FANTASTIC. For those who were worried, I didn't cut it all off...yet. Only 2 inches with some layers, high and low lights. (but not dramatic)

We head out tomorrow for my brother's wedding festivities. Hope you all have a great New Year!

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