Tuesday, December 08, 2009

We Made It!

Most of you know this already...we made it to MO. We arrived Monday night late and our belongings arrived Thursday around 12:30; it was an adventure for us, "camping out" in our house. The boys did great! Titus started school yesterday and LOVED it. Thank you for all the prayers. It was very hard on me though. We have to drop them off, we are not allowed to walk them to class...and I am SO "that" mom...so lets just say my morning was rough.
We have almost EVERYTHING unpacked and pictures hung...even the Christmas decorations out! My mom drove down from north MO and helped me with the boys while I unpacked and arranged everything. Vernon's mom has been out a couple times helping as well. I went to a women's brunch on Saturday and was able to meet a lot of fun women from our new church. We had our first official day at our new church, The Summit. It was great! I visited a gym this morning that we are thinking about joining and of course we have all the nearby Starbucks plotted out. Sooo, life is shaping up!

I have had some rough days missing my sweet friends in Texas, but I have loved having FB, twitter and blogs to keep up. (and phones of course) Our biggest adjustment so far is figuring out how to get out the door in a timely fashion with coats, gloves, hats, shoes and socks on ALL four of us. This is not an easy task and I am open for helpful suggestions!! Also, our moving budget got pushed to the max because we had to buy all of the aforementioned items to stay warm! ha!

I will hopefully get back to blogging as our routine falls into place. Thanks for all the prayers and support during this transtion! Love to all!


Phyllis said...

Just now reading this. One tip about getting out the door... We have a shoe basket by our back door where we keep our shoes. The boys' tennis shoes are laced tight enough to stay on but just loose enough to slide on without having to untie them. He can do his own. And we just slide Gabe's on. Saves a bit of time, anyway.

One of our friends in Louisville had one of those storage benches with the high back on it with coat hooks. Their shoes were in one basket under the seat, their gloves and hats were in the other, and their coats were all on the hooks. That was easy. We don't have that set-up, but I often wish we did. :)

Phyllis said...

When I wrote "He can do his own", I meant Ladan.