Saturday, April 25, 2009

Justus 11 Months

Justus turned 11 months this week and I am holding onto this month with all I have because I just cant stand the fact that he is weeks away from being ONE! He is becoming a toddler faster than I imagined. Justus is such a sweet boy. He smiles and laughs most of the time. He has been crawling and pulling up for 4 or 5 months now and is just now showing interest in walking. He started standing this week with out holding on to anything. When he realizes what he is doing he quickly plops himself down and is very funny! He is approaching one but still loves to be swaddled and held to get his bottle and to go to sleep...and of coarse I gladly oblige. Every time we pick him up to sooth him he pats us on the back just like we pat him! He loves to clap, be tickled and his favorite game is rolling/throwing any and every ball he sees. He has a few signs (sign language)...all done and more. The others he just laughs when I try to teach him!
The last two weeks he has been a little crabbier than just dawned on me to check....he is getting his year molars! He has 8 teeth and is about to have 4 molars!
I love this little guy. Enjoy the pictures! I uploaded more pictures HERE on my share site.


Mimi said...

Picture number 2 is my absolute favorite! You have such cute boys!

The Reardon's said...

All's I can say is that I need some of that boy! I love him!

Janelle and Ella said...

Justus is definitely all of that! He is always so smiley and I love being around him. I especially love when Ella calls him, "Justus, Justus" and he smiles so big at her. :-)