Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had a great Resurrection Week and I hope you did as well! Here are some pics of our fun weekend. The first are from the Easter egg hunt at Church. After that we went to a field of blue bonnets to take Ella's Easter Pictures. Justus was running a fever and getting 4 teeth so there is only one pic of him...but I will dress him up soon and take some pictures of him in his cute blazer.

Titus with his loot.

The one picture I got of Justus.
Here is Titus in the Blue Bonnets.
Here is one of the pics I captured of Ella and Titus playing at her photo shoot. I will load more once her mom posts some.
And these are because I've been very nostalgic lately: Toddler Titus 2007


Amanda said...

These are great, Amber! Last year Jackson wore the suit Titus lent him and I need to bring it to you when we come up there next weekend.

Amanda said...

What! Your child has an actual Easter basket! No Starbucks bag this year???

Anonymous said...

They are so cute! Happy Easter!

thehirschgang said...

Sweet pics. Sorry about the teeth coming in. That can be a bummer.
So, thanks so much for your words on my blog- encouraging. Sometimes I just don't know what people are thinking when they read what I's encouraging to hear some feedback. We're learning much in this season of life. God is good. I have so many stories...He is faithful.
So the book, Breathe- it's good. Not like a wonderfully overwhelming refreshing Piper book. :) But, I had read it in January as we felt lead to really get on some disciplined things of scheduling, etc, and for me, with new baby sleeping through the night, felt it was time to get back to orderly living and up and time with Jesus before the house was, the book was exactly what I'd needed in some wisdom and making me think for what we needed during that crazy adjustment season of our life with four baby girls. It's not that I'd recommend it to everyone, but it is good for some words of just stopping and being with Jesus. Sometimes I get so busy with going in life, I miss the whole point! Or, I'm just in survival mode and not really living purposefully, by His grace, of course. Anyway, I hope this doesn't confuse you. It's good, but if time was limited, I'd so read a Piper or something of that nature book...but that's me. :)
So, I gotta email you or something...would love to chat a bit!

Anonymous said...

My guys are soooo handsome! Put them on shutterfly so I can get copies. Love Ya! MOM

Tasha Via said...

Hey, I just found your blog from my friend Lindsey Broome's blog. I LOVE your pictures of your beautiful kids. I also just ready your blog about your shopping trip to Target a few posts down. That is so awesome when our kids start picking up the scripture that we've been teaching them and applying it to their own lives. It was cute, but so beautiful to see how his mind automatically went to scripture and what you've been training him.

Anyway, I love your blog=)

Mimi said...

Go for it!