Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Few Of My Favorite Things

This is non-exhaustive and in no particular order list of things that the Lord has allowed me to enjoy today, this very random day:
  • Seasons: Thank you Missouri for coming through on this. Winter is a beautiful thing.
  • Venti Ice Water from Starbucks: its triple filtered goodness.
  • Kind Cranberry Almond Bars
  • Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate Carmel Squares
  • This Book: It has been such a good way to start the year.
  • Audio ESV Study Bible Online: I LOVE listening to the text as I read it.
  • Texting my NEPHEWS: what in the world. i am old. (well technically this was the other day but everytime I go to my texts and see their names I think it is funny that they are old enough to text me!)
  • Working for His Voice For Sudan and getting to stay home with my boys. (hard to balance but SO worth it!)
  • New friends coming over for lunch playdates!
  • And last but not least....Good Music: I will spare you the links and let you have a couple guesses. :)


Sarah said...

Yeah, thanks for the link...and you are one of my favorite things...

Anonymous said...

Ok, ok...I'm sorry! It was Steph Combs! I love you too! And, I'll try to start commenting on yours too. hee hee! We still have the video on our camera of Titus throwing snow at me. It still makes me giggle!


The Reardon's said...

awww! good post hunny! and amen to the choc. carmel squares!!!! And HOW fun we are doing the same Bible reading plan! i didn't even know! don't you love it?!

sanjeet said...
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gregandkim77 said...

Because of you I have lots of new favorite things: triple water from starbucks, honey dijon chips, carmel chocolate surprise, a new friend and a sweet playdate all at the same time!