Friday, January 22, 2010

37 Years of Injustice

Most of you, I am sure, are aware that today, January 22, 2009, marks the 37th anniversary of the passing of Roe v Wade. In this, the US Sepreme Court held that a woman may abort her pregnancy for any reason, up until the "point at which the fetus becomes 'viable.'" As today has gone by, I have seen many pictures flash onto my computer screen from various blogs and news pages. Groups of people who feel strongly for or against Roe vs. Wade showed up today at many captital buildings and planned parenthood clinics all over the US.

What some are celebrating, others are begging to change.

I am among those who are begging for change.

I did not, however, get the chance to go to our capital building today or stop by the planned parenthood clinic and I am sure many of you reading this did not as well. So I decided to write a little blog about it, maybe to reach a small few and to honor the sanctity of Life.
Last year on Sanctity of Life Sunday, Pastor John Piper spoke these words:

"Mr. President, some of us WEPT for JOY at your inauguration and we pledged that we would pray for you. We have hope in our sovereign God."

And that we do.
Pray for our leaders.
Hope in our God.


The Reardon's said...

Thanks for taking the time to blog about this. I love you and am praying for a change. Love you.

Anonymous said...

On Christian radio they've been talking alot about Roe vs. Wade. I understand them to say that even if this is overturned that the decision (it's on the fed. level) will be turned over to the individual states. So it could be legal in some states & not in others. They refer to the time when a person can take care of themselves/survive on their own. A full term, healthy baby can't survive on their own--they have to be fed, nurtured etc.. What about the elderly & incapcitated?
WHO will make the decision of who lives & dies?! HOW FRIGHTENING!!

sanjeet said...
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