Wednesday, January 20, 2010

For Lack of Better Words

If you have known me long, or maybe just stop by to read the blog now and again, you probably know that I am a music lover. Music of just about any type. (yes even country has its place in my heart...although WAY back in the back:) I feel deeply about music and how it moves people and reaches places that words alone can never reach. Journey back through history, studing cultures and there is hardly a culture, if any, that didn't have "their" music. I have often pondered how God created man with a song in their heart. Individual man yes but also man in the communal sense. It's as if music has this ability to bring cultures together. Older with younger, Asian with African, European with South American. There seems to be few boundaries that music cannot break.

That being said: I have an issue.

Lack of Superlatives, or rather, OVER USE of superlatives.

I was warned of this quite often by my dear friend Danny during college. About once a week, along with correcting my grammar, he would challenge me on a use of a superlative like: "how was the DNow?" "It was THE BEST ONE I have EVER played for" or "how's the new album?" "IT IS AMAZING, BEST album by FAR!" I think you get the picture. Each time I would over use the EST's and the AWESOME/AMAZING/BEST EVER statements, he would smirk and say, in his ever so kind way, "oh really." He continually challenged me on this. He said, "One of these days something is going to truly be THE BEST or AMAZING. How will anyone know if they can believe you or not?"

Well, just last week Danny and I were chatting on the phone, just getting caught up on life. And I said to Danny, "You know, all those times you warned me about over using my superlatives? Well, I have almost posted a blog about how truly AMAZING the Switchfoot concert in Dallas was and how FANTASTIC the new album is, but I can't bring my self to write it...because this time, really is THE BEST/AMAZING. I feel like if I tell them this, they will just write me off as a dorky old fan and not give it any thought." He laughed and in the nicest way possible basically said, "I told you this day would come."

So folks, here I am, finally blogging, months later, about how AMAZING the new Switchfoot, Hello Hurricane Album is. If you are a long time fan or you are a Switchfoot newbie, your heart will be ministered too, your soul will be challenged and mind will be stronger. Lyrically and musically this album is mature and rich with real life, real feelings and real theology.

So please, read past the superlatives and go get the album....or better yet, grab tickets to this tour....worth every penny.


Robin Oas Designs said...

Awesome and fantastic Am :)!

Maureen said...

I can hear Danny's voice exactly and see his facial expression while saying, "oh really?". Classic.

Danny Dyer said...


All of those polite reminders and warnings were not in vain because it seems as though you have just written the most amazing, inspiring, bestest blog entry of all time!!!

sanjeet said...
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