Sunday, January 29, 2012

S is for SO Many Things!!

S week was so fun. I had so many things planned that we didn't get to a bunch of them.

For our Bible verse we memorized Matthew 6:33 "Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness." On Monday I had Titus (7yr old) read the verse in it's context. He read Matthew 6:25-34. This section of Scripture come from the Sermon on the Mount given by Jesus and in this particular part Jesus is addressing worry. So we talked about the things Jesus chose to point out that people worried about more than seeking Him. I asked Titus to think of some things he tends to worry about instead of seeking Jesus and trusting Him. Titus is a worrier so this was not a hard question for him. We talked through the idea of "seeking the Kingdom of God" with him. It was a little abstract for him still but nonetheless I felt it was important to cover :)
For our "God is Faithful" board we did "God is Faithful, You can have Peace!" This was to draw the connection of the context of the memory verse together with the actual verse itself. We talked about God being so faithful that we can trust He will provide all that we need exactly where & when we need it. This knowledge will free us from worry and give us peace.

Early in the week we had a 'S' field trip. It was fun!! It was a great way to change things up from our normal routine but still accomplish some schooling. Titus did his class work before we headed out for the day. Justus and I glued some letters to a piece of paper and started for our search for S's.
Our First stop was:: Starbucks! (as if you had not already guessed)
(Justus & I are gluten free so we brought our own pastries, he really liked this stop but this is the only picture I got and it looks like he is unhappy but he wasn't)

Next stop:: The Science Center::
I forgot my camera on field trip excuse the iPhone shots. The picture on the right, Justus is building a Stegosaurus on the computers in the dinosaur section of the Science Center.

Third (and last) field trip stop was The Stock Show::
We met up with some friends for the stock show. It was such a blast. The boys got to watch them milk some cows, feed some chickens and much more! Both boys LOVED it.

For Justus' letter project we did the nice and easy :: Snake. (We did this letter project on Monday, so on Tuesday at the Science Center He was so excited that hey had a snake out to touch!)

We did S is for Solar System and S is for Saturn. Oh man this was a huge hit!
We turned off the lights and put the star projector on it and did S is for Star then put it back to the Sun cover and did S is for Sun. Lots of S in one little lesson. :)

Then later that evening with Vernon was done with work and dinner was over we did some puzzles I brought out the Solar System puzzle and we talked again about the Sun, Stars and Saturn. As you can tell, the boys love evenings with Dad. We usually read or play games or puzzles. This is one of the many times we are thankful for not having a TV. (to be clear we do have DVD player but no TV channels) It helps us just unwind together and talk about the day and get some good QT with Dad with out the temptation or distraction of watching shows.

We did S is for I SPY. I had lofty plans of making an I SPY board full of letters, shapes, color splotches, and stickers of random characters he knows but I never got around to it. So we used our ABC dry-erase folder...and it worked just fine :) I would say, "I Spy the letter J. Do you spy the letter J?" And he would use his "Spy glass" to help him find the letter I said.

As usual we did Play-doh one day and we did S is for Scissors.

A couple of days this week were very rainy so we had to do S is for Soccer and Skating indoors.

To reinforces his colors and incorporate the Letter S he painted a worksheet as he listened to my instructions. I would say, "make an S line with the color blue" He would have to pick out the color blue and make a line (as opposed to dots). Or I would say, "put a bunch of orange dots on the letter S." etc.

Each night this week he slept in Super Man PJ's but I only got this one blurry pic::

We had a lot of great S books this week as well. A few favorites this week were, There's No Place Like Space! (Cat and the Hat) and I Spy Treasure Hunt. But the most loved by both boys is a book I really wanted to recommend and it is The Squire and The Scroll:: A Tale of The Rewards of A Pure Heart by Jennie Bishop
Woah, that was a lot. I hope y'all can get some fun ideas from this post. School is well into the 3rd quarter so we are nearing the home stretch! I hope you are loving schooling your littles. We are having fun...or at least trying REALLY hard to anyway!

Have a great week! Happy Schooling!

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