Sunday, February 05, 2012

T is for Trains, Tigers, Turkeys and Treasures

We had a great week of school. T was a very easy letter! We had lots of fun and learned a lot while we went about days.

For T week our Bible verse was Psalm 86:11. I love this verse. It has been a prayer of mine since college. "Teach me your way of Lord, that I may walk in your Truth." On Monday, as usual, I had Titus read the verse in context. It was neat teaching him how you can make the prayers in the Psalms your very own prayer. We talked about asking the Lord for wisdom and how important learning God's Word is.

For our "God is Faithful" board we did, "God is Faithful. You can have wisdom." We compared the difference of knowledge and wisdom. Then we talked about how God is faithful to give you wisdom if you ask with a humble heart.

Titus (2nd grd) had a great week of school. We are well into 3rd quarter with most of his curriculum and in some we actually entered 4th quarter this week...crazy. I plan to slow up soon and make sure he is getting all the information. (i.e. we took thursday and friday off of math lessons to practice his multiplication flash cards before we move onto the last few sets of multiplication)

For Justus with Pre-School, we had A LOT of options with the letter T! We weren't able to do all I wanted and we still had packed days of letter T activities :)

For our T Letter project we did a Turkey.
I used this as a color identification project too. I would say, "let's glue a yellow feather," and he would have to pick up the color that I said.

One day we did T is for Trains. Justus is already in love with trains, any shape/color/size he loves them. We have tracks in multiple rooms in our house and trains in excess :) For Train day we read his favorite book from last year Freight Train by Donald Crews. This is an excellent book for learning colors.

I had him find a matching color train for each on in the book from his basket of trains. This was super fun. Then we lined them up on his book to match them.

We went to Barnes & Noble to play with Thomas the Train.

For Christmas year ago, Titus go this GINORMOUS Thomas the Train Tent. We keep it put away for special occasions and rainy days but he got to come out on Train day.

Justus has lots of toys that start with T. His Tag Reader and his Tow Truck are two of his favorites. He played with those a lot this week.

I made a "Find The Letter T" worksheet and had him put a paint dot on each T he found.
As you can see he put more then one dot as he got excited to find each one.

We read the book Tooth Trouble and talked about brushing our teeth. Then I had him paint on his T worksheet using a tooth brush.

We built a Tower. Again we did it by color, having him find specific colors that I ask him to find.

Daddy was gone for 3 days this week, so when he got home he did a lot of reading from the T book selection :)

I had Justus go outside and find some "Treasures." I had him put them in his Toolbox. I came out to see what he found and here was his collection::

As always he did play-doh with his letter cutters.

We went on a T field trip to the zoo. We were on a hunt for Tigers, Turtles and The Train. We found Tigers and Turtles but the train was shut down.

This weekend Daddy set up a one man tent in the living room for the boys. My boys love Tents so this was a fun way to end T week.

I hope you had a great week schooling. I have a feeling that U week will not be as easy as week but we will press on :)

Thanks for sticking with us this year! I would love to hear how your school is going!

Happy Schooling!

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