Sunday, February 19, 2012

V is for Volcano, Vacuum, Valentine's Day and...a mini Vacation!!

We had another super fun week of school. I was excited when I realized, completely unplanned, that V would land on Valentine's Day. This made for some easy V projects!

For our V Bible Verse we did Proverbs 21:31b, "Victory belongs to the Lord." This was a fun and easy verse to remember, definitely one both boys could memorize. I had Titus (like usual) read it in context on Monday. This made for some good conversations about how they people from the time this Proverb was written depended on horses for battle and protection...etc. It made for an easy visual for Titus to understand about victory and the battle against sin.
For our "God is Faithful" board we did "God is faithful, You can be Victorious." We talked about how that might seem contradictory that 'the victory belongs to the Lord,' yet 'we can be victorious.' We talked about how Christ in us is the Hope of Glory and our victory over/against sin. It was a great little chat!

Titus plugged along on his curriculum. I think after next week we will take a week break to celebrate finishing 3rd quarter's work. I am not sure yet...but I think that is what we will do :)

For our Pre-School work for Justus (3yrs) we did lots of fun things. One thing that was fun about V was that most of the the thing we did Titus(7yrs) was able help/learn right along with us! I love it when they can do things together.

We did V is Volcano. I got a Volcano kit a year or so ago from Hobby Lobby (here is the link) for less than $10. It is a reusable mold so it was a great buy! It takes 3 days total to make the mold, paint it and let it dry. So I had Titus start it on Monday during Justus' nap and we brought it out on Wednesday ready to make it erupt. Justus was SOO excited.

Leading up to the big volcano, we read volcano books, watched volcano eruptions online with dad and we did a mini-volcano eruption kit we got at the science center for $3.
Watching Eruptions on National Geographic's website with Dad.
Justus watching his mini-volcano kit "erupt."

On Tuesday we went on a V 'field-trip' :: again this week, it was a bit of a stretch to have a V field trip but this is what I came up with.
We made Valentine cards and delivered them to our favorite Barista:: Robin.
Then we went to the Fort Worth Science Center (we are members that is why we are able to go so often) and we talked about velocity by making paper airplanes and launching them. Then we talked about Velociraptor and had the boys build one on the Dinosaur Station computers.

We did our usual "workbook" and working on writing and cutting. V was an easy letter to 'cut out' so after Justus painted the V I had him attempt it alone. He did great!

For our Letter of the Week Project we did V is for Vase. I pre-cut out the flowers and had him glue the water and flowers into the vase made out of a V.

I had Titus teach Justus how to Vacuum. It's never too early, right? :)

And last but not least, we made a last minute decision to go on a mini-vacation before Vernon left town for a few weeks. We took the boys to Great Wolf Lodge for one night and this let them play at the water park two days! Oh how I wish I had pictures. Their excitement will be etched on my memory for a long time. Vacation was one of the words on our V word list so I thought I could include it : )

I hope yall are having a great time with your kiddos. This time of year for home-schoolers seems to drag along. Curriculum gets tougher as 3rd quarter wraps up. But be are nearing the last stretch! Enjoy learning with and teaching your kids...I hear they will be 20 before we know it!!

Happy Schooling!

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