Sunday, January 22, 2012

R is for Reading, Robots, Rainbows, Rabbits & Rockets

We had a great week! Turns out R is a very easy letter to incorporate into our daily lives. :)

This week was a short week because Monday, as you know, was Martin Luther King day. We got to watch the Hendrix boys since their schools were out. We had a BLAST! We met the Billups girls (and baby Kade) at the Irving Bible Tubes (an indoor play place) then came home and played the rest of our day in our back yard. We met up with Melissa at Red Robin (for R of course) so that we could eat and return the boys to her! What a fun way to start the week.

For our Bible time this week we worked on Romans 12:12, "Rejoice in Hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer." This was a very similar verse to P week, "Pray constantly, Give thanks in all circumstances for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus, " 1 Thessalonians 5:17-18 So we reviewed the concepts we talked about on P week and added being patient in tribulation. We talked about how sometimes we want to rush through trials with a just 'get through the hurt' attitude, while God asks us to be patient in these times. We talked about how sometimes its is in the moments of tribulation that we feel and sense God the closest. For our 'God is Faithful' board we did, "God is Faithful. You can have Hope!" We talked about God's faithfulness in our times of trials and how we can be patient in tribulation because God's faithfulness brings us hope.

Our boys LOVE to be read to. They also really enjoy reading themselves (obviously Justus just looks through the books but its his form of reading). We did an extra amount of reading this week for the letter R. R is for Reading but also because the boys REALLY loved the books we had picked out for R week. I bet we read the two Francis Chan books in the picture above 6+ times a piece. Not to mention the other three. Being the book nerds we are, Vernon and I loved every second of it. (by the way, I know I've talked about Francis Chan's children's books before but we HIGHLY recommend all of them)

For Justus' Pre-School we did a few projects. I had SO many I could have done for R that we didn't do like have a Race, make a Rain Stick, go to Rainforest Cafe, get Ring Pops, Race Racecars, build a cardboard box robot....and on and on. But here are some of the ones we did do ::

We made a Rectangle Robot. This was a great project that helped him with both shapes and fine motor skills. Plus he got to make one of his favorite things :: a robot!

I found this template here :: I used a black middle section but the rest we cut out from the template.

We made an 'R' Rainbow:: This help us work on color selection as well as learn about the colors that make up a rainbow. I pre-cut the strips and laid them out and had him pick the color I said was next. (we were out of any shade of purple paper so we ended up coloring the bottom section but its not shown here)

We played with Red play-doh and made red Rs with his new letter cutters he got for Christmas.

For our letter project he made a Rabbit out of the letter R::

We did lots of bouncing around the house as a rabbit and lots of counting down from 5 to blast off like a rocket. HE LOVED THIS!

For Christmas we got the boys cardboard Rockets to design themselves. They have been a big hit. We kept Justus' out and decorated it with Rs. Then he did his R work book page inside of it one day.

The last picture is of him "Blasting Off!"

We had a great week. I sure hope yall did as well!

Happy Schooling!

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Leah said...

Do you happen to have a list of all the books you've used for each letter? Or how are you gathering these? Your own research or some other master list you may have found?
So glad I stumbled across your blog. Love the ideas!