Sunday, January 01, 2012

O is for Orange, Octopus, Obedience & school is OUT for Christmas Break!

Hey! We made it through our Christmas break! I hope y'all did as well and are refreshed and ready for a new semester. I am hesitant to start this semester because we have LOVED the relaxed feel of break but I know I will be SO glad come March that we started back up and are way ahead so the boys can have lots of little breaks to play during the amazing spring days.

We did the 'O' week the week between our returned from Missouri and the start of our break here at the house. Needless to say, after being off 2 weeks, I am pulling from the back of my brain as to what all we did. I remember thinking the week was going very fast and that we didn't get to do all that I wanted. But here is what I caught on camera (well on my iphone...sorry, again, for the poor quality!)

For the O week our bible verse was, "Children, Obey your parents in the Lord; for this is right." Ephesians 6:1 I knew our mind would be leaning toward break and want a verse that was VERY familiar to the boys. This one they know a bunch of songs that are this verse. So it was not hard to memorize because, well, Titus already had it memorizes. Our God is Faithful board stated :: God is Faithful, You can be Obedient! We talked about how through out your life God will ask you to be obedient to him. How, like when they are to obey us, it should be immediate and with a happy heart. We talked about how since God is Faithful, we can obey with happy hearts knowing He will never fail us.

O was a letter we did NOT have trouble finding things. Especially pre-school things. Orange, Oval, October, Octagon....the list goes on and on. We majored on the color Orange and the shape Oval. He already knows these but it was fun for him to color the O Orange and that it looks like and Oval. :)

O was for Octopus and this was soo fun for Justus. He loves animals so we looked up photos online of Octopuses and we looked at an Ocean book we have that has an Octopus in it, so it made since for us to do his letter project as an Octopus. He thought it was very fun.

That is all I have for O. I am excited to start the new semester. I am hopeful that you are as well! Thanks for following along and for all the encouragement. My hope is that you are encouraged to be yourself in your schooling and love those kiddos as best as you possibly can throughout the day as you both learn together.

Happy Schooling!

ps...I know a lot of you are asking if I will ever post what curriculum we use for Titus (2nd grade) and I do, I really do plan to do that soon. Thanks for hanging with me!

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