Sunday, October 30, 2011

J is for Jack O' Lantern, Jellyfish and Jamba Juice

J week was a fun, easy going week. Justus was actually pretty sick the later part of the week resulting in a trip the the ER for breathing treatment but he is much better now...just a bit congested. We knew going into this week that we would be home all week...shocker, I know. So we really didn't get in a hurry about school. We just tried to keep with our normal little routine:: Bible (both boys) , Breakfast, Latin (Titus), Letter page (Justus) a speed worksheet in Math (Titus), go to the gym, come home, finish math, more letter fun (Justus), Grammar &/or Writing (Titus), Justus' nap, History, with reading and playing interspersed through out (both boys, obviously Titus will be reading and Justus will be read to).

That is a snapshot of our daily routine but sometimes we do this out side the home at fun places like:: Starbucks::

This is both delightful for them...and for me :) (note the Cardinal's gear, we had fun rooting on our team through the World Series!) (oh, and forgive my photo quality... I loaned my camera out and so this is another post totally from my iPhone pics)

This week our verse was, "Jesus said, I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in the darkness but with have the light of life." John 8:12 We talked about what is it like to walk around in the dark. Titus totally got this idea. Then we talked about the difference even when there is a little bit of light in a dark room. We chatted about what it means to have the light of life, again touching on the Holy Spirit and His roll within us and among us. We had a fantastic song by Seeds Family Worship that helped us memorize this verses. I know I say this a lot but I highly recommend their music for kids scripture memory.

Our "God is Faithful. You can be/have______" board was "God is Faithful. You can be Joyful!" I feel like I didn't do a very good job of really talking about Joy this week like I had hoped. But we did touch on it here and there. Hopefully I will be able to continue to come back to it. We keep all the words on a board so we can see a list of things we can be/have because God is faithful.

Monday morning we went to Jamba Juice for breakfast! It was a fun way to start the "J" week off. Titus and Justus LOVE Jamba Juice and we could literally spend a fortune if we went there every time they asked. So this was a fun treat for them.

Our J letter project was Jellyfish::

For the fall/Halloween season we read the book Pumpkin Jack (you can see it pictured in the picture below) which Titus loves because it is about decomposing (he loves all things science) of a pumpkin and the seeds from its decomposing actually make a pumpkin patch the following fall. Justus just liked the pictures and the seasons depicted in the pictures. We also have a board book called The Pumpkin Gospel that explains the Gospel in a cute rhyme about cleaning out a pumpkins. Both boys have loved this book over the years. Fittingly then, for the letter J we also made Jack o' lanterns::

Like I mentioned above, Justus had a cough starting Wednesday so we didn't get out much. It was also a bit chilly (for Texas), so we did a lot of this::

and our house looked a lot like this::

I am excited about this next week and all of November. We are going to be traveling A LOT so we will take one full week off in mid November, sort of a fall break if you will. :) I am going to attempt to do a Thanksgiving "unit" during that week to have something fun to do on the road. We shall see. Today we finished a book on Martin Luther and did some fun things to remember Reformation Day tomorrow....but I'll post that tomorrow!

Happy Schooling!

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