Sunday, October 02, 2011

Fun with Fishing For F

After a week off of school being in Missouri for His Voice Global Weekend, I had very little gumption to do all that much this week in way of school but really wanted to press forward with the school year. I felt like this week went well considering it is usually a struggle around here if we take more than a few days off. The boys don't usually want to jump back into routine after breaks but they did great this week! I was the one with no energy :)

For our "God is Faithful, You can be/have ______" board this week we did, "God is Faithful. You can have Faith."
This seems like a given but sometimes I like to take time reiterate that, we, in and of ourselves, can not will ourselves to have 'enough' Faith. The reason we can have faith is God's faithfulness. He is the giver of faith and the one who was first faithful. So we talked about that. Our verse was Mark 1:17 "And Jesus said to them," Follow me and I will make you become Fishers of men." I loved that this verse with the faith concept. It shows that, yes, God calls us to "Follow" him but his faithfulness is why we can have faith to "drop our nets" and follow.

I had high hopes of doing lots of "following games" but that didn't happen. :)

For Justus' school we made a Flower out of F. I also had hopes of collecting some flowers...but we live in Texas. No rain + 100 degrees = no flowers.

He did some F worksheets where he just colored and stamped like usual.

We did "Fishing for F's" and HE LOVED IT. He has played it everyday on his own since Titus and I taught him how. It was a hit for sure! I just filled a bowl with a bunch of letter Fs.
Then I took some pipe cleaners and connected them together. Next I added a little masking tape to the end of the pipe cleaners and curved it in the shape of a fishing pole. And that was all! It took about 2 minutes prep and it was hours of educational entertainment :)
As you can see...he loved it. He shouted "its a F!! F says ffff!" every time he caught one. hehe. Then I mixed it up by adding some other letters to see if he could just fish out the Fs. That was so fun too!

I think that is all for F. I hope it helps some of you to get your brain rolling.

I know I keep saying I will post about what we do with Titus (2nd grade) other than just the Bible lessons, I am sorry that hasn't happened yet. It is in the que of posts, I am just trying to link all the books and such so it will be helpful for you and I haven't hand much time to give to it.

Happy Schooling!

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