Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Reformation Day!

Happy Reformation Day & Halloween to all our friends! This year Titus is dressing up as Dragonoid (he has no idea who this is, he just thought the costume looked amazing, HA!) and Justus is going as a T-Rex. He loves dinosaurs so this has been such a fun costume for him. He stomps around and growls, it's hilarious. Vernon and I are going as St. Louis Cardinal's fans but, in fear for our lives, we did not wear all our gear to Boo at The Zoo. I wore a Cards shirt and that was enough :) It was the day of Game 7 so it was risky. We will, however, be all dressed up tomorrow!
In honor of Reformation Day, last night Titus and I built a mock church of Wittenberg out of boxes and construction paper. We then dressed up in robes made of blankets and acted out Martin Luther nailing the 95 Theses to the church doors. Here is a funny picture I caught of Titus aka Martin Luther.

This week and weekend, leading up to today, Titus and I read this book about Martin Luther's life.

It is pretty has a lot of information about Martin Luther, which was great, but I am definiately on a search for a shorter version that is more kid oriented. This one was great for the purpose we needed it for. We used it last year as he was familiar with it.
Along with the letters of the week, each week we use this book for some short fun church's a hilarious book! I recommend it as much for adults :) We skipped to L for Luther last night to look at what it had to say::

We did a VERY short lap book project that I hope to expand on and it turned out like this::

This is actually my first time to experiment with "lapbooking." It was fun and easy and now Titus has something to put in his binder to keep for the future for "research."

Hope all of you have a fun day today and enjoy this evening!

Happy Reformation Day and Halloween!!

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