Sunday, October 23, 2011

I is for Igloo and Ice Cream

This week was extra fun and crazy because we were the lucky family who got to care for our friend's little baby girl Evangeline Shea :: isn't she precious?!?!
Her sweet parents are both on staff at The Village Church and they had Staff Retreat Monday - Thursday. We had such a fun time! They boys loved having her and so did we. Because of having sweet Evie, school did not get photographed much by my camera. I did get some pictures on my phone so that's what y'all are going to get this week.

We did a lot of this::
And a lot of this::

Titus loved strolling Evie around Barnes & Noble and that gave me some time with Justus as he played with the trains and we could read together. I love that in this picture Titus is reading Superman to funny!

This week's verse was "I am the Lord your God. I am holding your right hand and I tell you, 'Dont be afraid, I will help you.' " Isaiah 41:13 One of our scripture memory CD's from when Titus was younger, Scripture Memory Songs with Hermie and Friends, had this verse on it. Titus still really likes these CD's although they are geared toward more 3-5 year olds. This helped getting this verse down easily. We talked about God being near to us even in our fear. This is a constant battle for Titus (and lately for me as well). He is typically anxious and sometimes fearful. So I hope this verse will continue with him all of his days.

For our 'God is Faithful. You can be/have ______ ' board we re-used Courageous. God is Faithful. You can be Courageous! This is something we pray for our boys. That they would be bold and courageous as they take the Gospel to their neighbors and the world.

I hoped to read all the books in the picture above...but we didn't read as much as usual because we were very distracted by having cute little Evie around. Also, the weather this week was spectacular so we did A LOT of outside playing!!

Justus LOVED 'I' being for Igloo. We cut up some squares from white paper and glued them on a blue sheet of paper into the shape of an igloo. This ended up being a great last minute idea. It helped him with cutting, shape identification and gluing....along with I being for Igloo.

Justus has started LOVING to hang up his work. Here he is, insisting it is on the board right in the middle of Titus' math! hehe!
For our letter project we made I into Ice Cream. I wanted to make it into an Iguana but 'I' being for Iguana was confusing him because he would say "I is for Lizard!" I decided not to fight that battle :) So we went with Ice Cream...and it turned out not so cute...but he loved it! :)

I had plan to have us make homemade Ice Cream but that didn't happen. We ended up going to the pumpkin patch one day and serving at a homeless shelter another day.

All in all it was a great week! If we keep on pace with T's work we will be at Semester with him in 20 school days.

If you are in the midst of schooling I pray endurance and strength for you as you make it through to the holidays. If you are reading just to store up ideas for the future I pray you would be blessed and the Lord would use your creativity to help school your littles.

Happy Schooling!

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