Sunday, October 09, 2011

G is for Go, Green & Guitars

This week of schooling was very unique. On Tuesday at 3:40 in the morning, one of my best friends called and said her water broke. They live in Midland and we had planned from the beginning of her pregnancy that we would not schedule anything in early October so that we could drive over to Midland when ever she called. So at 3:40 I jumped out of bed and got us packed up and we were on the road to Midland by 5am!
This is the pic that I sent my friend when we hit the road. It was a source of laughter for days! haha!

I ended up packing ALL of our school books (just in case) and I am so glad I did. We were able to school quite a bit in our short 2 day visit in Midland....for Titus that is. Justus was not interested in schooling AT ALL. He was having way to much I didn't interrupt it much. We did school at home, however, Monday, a little on Thursday when we got home, and Friday as usual.

(If you are new to the homeschooling section of my blog, you might be a little less confused if you read this post or these :) hope that helps!)

This weeks Bible verse and topic were by far my favorite to this point. It was a great reminder for us as parents as we chatted with the boys about it. Our verse for G week was "Go and Learn what this means, 'I desire mercy and not sacrifice.' For I came not to call the righteous, but the sinner." Matt 9:13.
Our "God is Faithful, You can be____" board was "God is Faithful, You can be Yourself" We talked a lot about why Jesus would say something as provocative as He did in Matthew 9:13. We told the boys about how it is our propensity to try to "work hard enough" "be good enough" "be clean/pure enough" to come to God or for God to like us...when Jesus shows us the opposite to be true. He came to save sinners!! That is us! This truth allows us to be ourselves. To rest and not to feel the false sense to "prove ourselves" to God. It was great reminder this week for us and I feel like it was great for the boys too!

As for pre-school with Justus, I had high hopes to read some fun classics & some fun books about God but he saw the Go! Diego! Go! books and we didn't really get much past those! ha!
He was pretty in to the fact the Green started with G so we went out and bought (I know you can gasp that we didn't already own it) this little gem::
I had lofty thoughts of making Green Eggs and such, but he didn't really like the book much once we were back around Diego.

For his Letter G project we made a Guitar::
At our friend Sarah's house last Sunday they made Green Play-doh Perfect for making Gs and other fun things::

And the biggest G hit was Titus' Green Guitar:: years ago when I taught guitar lessons, two of my students bought this guitar for Titus off Ebay...ha! We still have it and we had loads of fun with it this week::

A fun song for G is 'God is Good' by The Village:: Kids It spells out God and Good and has great, easy to sing lyrics. My boys LOVE this song!

If you are hoping to go through all of the alphabet with your kiddos this year and you are on G week, you are 1/4 done! Way to Go!!

Happy Schooling.

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