Friday, March 06, 2009

Text Convo

sarah barnes: Hey I got a new camera lens and I want to play with it....Can I borrow a kid sometime?

me: Oh my goodness YES! anytime. (although i love taking pics of the boys, it is nice when someone else wants to!)

sarah barnes: about nowish?

me: Awesome! We are in the back yard.


She will probably be embarased that I linked this but HERE is her Shutterfly site.


Tom and Katie said...

These pictures are GREAT! If you need another subject, Hudson is available! :)

the broomes said...

Hey Amber...just stopping by your blog to say hey:) Justus and Titus are both so cute! How sad is this: we just took our FIRST picture of all five of us this past week!!! And Caleb Judson is nearly 3 months old! I pray that all is well...I love catching up with what's going on with y'all! Love you old friend...Lindsey

Anonymous said...

Yes that's embarassing.

The Reardon's said...