Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Have This Friend

...who is a photo genius. She is amazing. The finest that DFW has to offer. If you love photography, need something photographed or just simply want to be inspired, check out my friend Julie Robles. Jules and Albie Photography is raw and honest, beautiful and inspiring.
Julie just got back from Honduras with our church and I am OBSESSED with her pictures. They are intriguing, real and full of life.
here is a sneak peek at her work but PLEASE don't miss her blog and website....she's amazing.


Mimi said...

Wow. Seriously - beautiful. I went to her website and I especially liked the kids telling secrets! :o)'s genuis.

Molly Kate said...

love these!!! Thanks for sharing! How are you?

Julie and Alberto Robles said...

Thanks for blogging about me! I feel so loved!! We will definitely talk more soon, friend. Thanks for thinking of me and spreading the Good Word.