Friday, March 06, 2009

Sharing the Love

This post is dedicated to linking you to some things I have wanted to for a while. Each of them, at one point, were going to be separate post that never came to fruition. This is not exhaustive but a good start.

Jelly Telly

If you are a mom of a pre-schooler or young elementary student you NEED to know about this website. It was started by Phil Visher the original founder of Veggie Tales. It is a web-based media site that plays all kinds of commercial free shows. All are full of good theology and fun bible memory for the kids...and its hysterical. Its fun to watch with Titus. He LOVES it.
In order for them to not go in debt it does cost but its only $3 a month. They have a free trial month....give it a try! CLICK HERE


I am not obsessed I promise, although I know I quote them all the time, but next up is The GIRL TALK BLOG. It is full of
encouragement and challenges. For the last two or three years it has been a constant source of help for me as I stay home with my boys.
I am linking this particular series for all my Single Readers. This has been an awesome series dedicated to single women. PLEASE don't miss this. It is soooo good and don't think just because you are not single you wont benefit. Its soo good. Here are the links to each individual post:

Pursue Undivided Devotion
Become a Theologian
Help the Men
Choose Friends Carefully
Nurture Children

Prepare For An Important Career

Study To Show Yourself a SAHM

Devoted to Good Works

Josh Harris

I know many of you ride this name off because of "I Kissed Dating Goodbye," but I must say if that is the case, please reconsider. If you are having trouble reconsidering please READ THIS. I have really enjoyed his blogs and sermons. They are insightful and full of Truth. He has a humble pastor's heart and it is so refreshing. Last year I listened to him speak on homeschooling , public or private schooling and how it was dividing the church because people were so opinionated about their decision being the "right one." I thought it was a great picture of the pastor he has become. Watch it HERE.


So much is going on in Sudan right now and many of you have expressed some worry and wonder about the orphans and the orphanage. I am going to save this for a separate post but wanted to let you know we are thankful for all of you who are praying. So far things are not directly effecting EPC and the orphanages. Please continue to pray...I will have Vernon write an update and I will post it. Thanks!

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Harris Family said...

Thanks for the Josh Harris clip. It blessed me...I've seen that division easily creep up in the church on the education issue. We have to so carefully guard our hearts from those seeds of divisiveness!