Monday, March 09, 2009

Support a Brother.

My brother, Andrew, organized an event to raise money for the American Red Cross. He is a teacher at Central High School in St. Joseph, MO. At Central, my brother is also a sponsor for a group called "Sports Ducks." Basically its a bunch of students who like to talk about sports. He has asked the Sports Ducks to be a part of this event. On March 27th from 1pm to 1am they will be shooting free throws. 12 hours worth of free throws! The event is called "Shoot for A Cause."
Please think about a supporting them. HERE is the link to read more and give a donation!
His girlfriend Diana also organized an event with their Church small group. HERE is her link.

All donations go to the American Red Cross. The donations will go towards all kinds of things like helping a family recover from a house fire, provide a local military family help with Armed Forces Emergency Services, or making first aid and CPR available to everyone in the community. Please consider giving! Thanks!

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Diana Zipp said...

Thanks for your support!