Monday, January 12, 2009

To Each It's Own

At this point in our boys lives they each have very different likings. Justus enjoys eating, laughing at his Dad and Brother and eating some more. Titus enjoys creating things, going crazy and reading. Below are some pics of them doing what they do best.
The first two pictures were taken tonight. Justus has been waking up and eating three times in the night! That's 18oz of milk people, after a full dinner and bottle before bed. So tonight I thought I would try to see how much he would eat if I just let him eat and eat and eat...after jar #5 I gave him some more oatmeal and lots of Sweat Potato puffs...and he would have eaten more, I am sure of it but we have a budget to keep! We will see if he still wakes to eat in the night. He must just be going through a growth spurt!

As for Titus, over Christmas break we were all stuck in the house due to our sickness. So we got creative. Titus wanted to build a Robot out of stuff in our recycling bin and some of his Titus collected random things from the bin that he thought the robot should have. Then he went around the house collecting what he called, "the finishing touches." After collecting all the parts we put our heads together and created this (and Titus named him of course)....Let me introduce you to
Super Man Spectacular Giant Wall-E 3000

A couple days after the SMSGW 3000 lost his coolness, Titus decided he wanted to make a boat that is what we came up with.
Hope you had a great Monday!

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Anonymous said...

How Fun!!!!
I'm impressed with the workmanship and thought that went into your special things.
Justus-WOW what an appetite!!!
I Love you all, Grandma