Thursday, August 23, 2007

Reasons to Celebrate

music. life. love. friends.

so many things to say today as we transition back into the routine of new school year. The crazy travel life of the summer is winding down and the rigorous schedule of school and work are cranking up. So i thought i would start this laborious season with Celebration. So many wonderful things to Celebrate.

vernon is in his Senior year!
titus went to target yesterday with big boy undies on and no accident!
at this very moment i have three Candle Cafe candles going at the same time thanks to my trip to midland.

i have never been more in love with my husband.
we got to spend a couple nights on the Plaza in KC for our anniversary...amazing.
Danny is married!

we weren't suppose to be looking but me and the guys couldnt not look! this was through the window of the church doors when they were seeing eachother for the first time.

our souls are greatly refreshed from the weekend in KC. we have the best friends in the world.
we got to catch up with so many SBU/ MO folk.
we had a BLAST with andrew and sarah.
we got to meet Coby Smith (jake and allison smith's son)
i got to hold Marin Adam (shannon and matt adams baby girl)
we got to love on Windsor Atchley (zack and jen atchley's girl)
seeing my dear friends children filled my heart with great joy...i had no idea it would be so joyous.

we got to listen to Zack sing and play.
nate jones sang the Full House theme song at Paddy O'quigly's Karaoke night.
Robbie Seay finally came out with a new album.
and last but not least Switchfoot is FINALLY FREE!!! and this could be a post all its own.

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wetherell said...

I am super excited about sharing this experience of the Sudan with you...... I am adding this trip as one more reason to CELEBRATE!!!!