Friday, August 17, 2007

My Best Friends Wedding

I guess I have known for years this weekend would come but little did I know the effect it would have on me. I have been full of so much joy and remembrance. I have reflected on the life and the friends that God brought into my life and have been overwhelmed with thankfulness towards our Great Gracious Lord.
For over a month now I have wanted to write this blog. I have sat down and tried many times and it just ended in tears (or Titus woke up from his nap)! I have so many memories I want to write out so that they are never forgotten. So here goes.

Dear Sweet Friend Danny,

My family and I have been forever blessed by your friendship to us. I have been thinking through all the fun and laughter we have shared, the hard times and the great times. You have been a friend to us, a loyal, true friend, and we are forever grateful. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that when you came up to Connie and I at Esquire after the song “Better Is One Day” and introduced yourself, that 9 years later my husband would be a part of your wedding! Isn’t God so good!
I couldn’t think of a good way to begin this list, no clever intro or anything, but here is a list of some of my favorite memories. May the Lord give us so many more as He graciously joins your heart with Mallory’s!

In no particular order:
• Climbing Chapel and getting everyone on campus…those sags!
• You and Trevor always dressing up for intramural volley ball
• The crazy trip to Colorado Skiing! So fun!
• The life changing drive to Atlanta MO. Our first John Piper sermon. Thank you Zack and Jen!
• The Carthage’s D-Now. You preach about being “Bold as a Lion.” There is something mysteriously magical about that town.
• Skipping finals to go to ONEDAY! The drive, the anticipation, the camping.
• This could be one of my all time favorite memories, Standing on a bank the night before oneday. You, Me, Aaron Cline and a little AW Tozer.
• Me telling you about Vernon, you meeting Vernon and from that moment on yall’s oddly metro obsession with one another’s physique.
• Preaching class. Sitting between you Jerrel passing notes and trying not to crack up laughing the entire time.
• Baptist Denom. With Dr. Fuhrman, best and worse class EVER. Best people, worst course. I think I have laughed more about this class than any other.
• Greek with Dr. Reeves. So many from this class, but the one that stands out is the day we stayed after because at random Dr. Reeve’s mentioned that it is likely that the Beloved Disciple is not John.
• Jack trading his entire Fantasy Football team for Amber Gaddis and Zack Atchley’s SBU Worship team!! HAHA!
• The Duh video.
• Eva Cassidy’s version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.
• The E.V Hill sermon at his wives funeral that you and Aaron had on cassette!
• You and Vernon living together in Houston.
• When you got the new Shane and Shane CD and we blasted it at the Intern house. We declared Beauty for Ashes as the wedding song of the year and in less than a year later was in our wedding!
• The day I asked you to marry me! Hehe! But what I meant was perform part of the wedding, and it came out wrong! Haha!
• You forever correcting my grammar and me being forever grateful!
• Being a part of our wedding.
• You driving all the way to Midland to meet baby Titus, you will never know how much this meant to us.
• The night we sat in your mom’s driveway in Raytown and you told me all about Mallory.
• The DG Conference last year.
• Taking Titus and I to Uno’s on the plaza.
• The plethora of Texts and phone calls that have been so timely for both me and Vernon.

As you join you life with Mallory, may the memories continue. We love you Danny and are so excited for you!

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Anonymous said...

I'd like to make a few comments about the list:
1-I'm a bit disgusted with myself for my failure to use the term "sags" for the past 2 years.
2-Carthage is still magical!
3-I didn't take any of these with you and Danny, but my own recollections of Bapt. Denom and Preaching made me chuckle--and Greek made me weep, wishing I could still be in that class.
4-I still have that EV Hill sermon on cassette somewhere.

That's enough for now. It was SO wonderful to see you this weekend. As for Danny and Mallory, "Here here!"